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Has anyone seen this girl??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lucid_Reality, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. dont have quicktime:(
  2. well i guess it isn't worth downloading, but picture this: a hot stoner chick talking about how much pcs suck...while stoned :p
  3. hahaha i saw this shit a while back
    and couldnt quit laughin my ass off because of how much that girl reminds myself of me when im high. there is NO WAY on this earth that "ellen" is NOT high. look at her eyes! they are redder than a can of red paint! and just listen to those weird ass noises shes makin and how she keeps spacin out!
  4. Ellen Feiss is my hero.
  5. Actually, that girl grew up with me in the town i now live in...a suburb outside of Boston, MA. We were close to, if not in the same year of school but i never really got to know her, just saw the Apple ad one day and said holy shit to myself, weird isn't it?

  6. this girl who graduated the year before me is now in porn. her name is joey lane but i cant seem to find the site anymore, my friend sent it to me and i lost the link.
  7. man that is so great, i made this thing in paint shop a while back i can't get it to post for some reason but it had here and it said
    Switch to mac?...
    I thought you said crack...
    Can i borrow $20?

    Its pretty funny but i can't get it to post on the city

    its so funny how bakes she is.. cant you just see the mac dudes sitting around "we cant put here on tv, she stoned as all hell" "fuck it man, so are we"
  8. o yea i got the pic to work


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