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Has anyone noticed changes in their speech?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KingMo, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. You know, like slurring, cluttering etc

    I think it's just when I'm high, hope it is anyway!

    I'm a seasoned toker as you have probably figured lol so I posted it in here, looking forward to lots of replies even if you haven't noticed it happening to you. :smoke:
  2. definitely. But i have also noticed that most people don't experience this. At least I don't hear their voice change in any way. However, yesterday i went with a buddy to smoke and he has low tolerance and his voice changed a lot. Kinda funny.
  3. yes but when im high my language is alot more colorful
  4. Actually my speech improves, less stuttering, bigger words, when I am not laughing... Coffee however, does the opposite, I stumble on my own words, missuse words, I get feelings of paranoia....Wow I really should quit coffee and smoke more before activities.
  5. my voice gets more high pitched when im high.
  6. My speach has changed over the years slightly, more mumbling, slurring, and general stupid mistakes with words lol.

    Must just be that im smoking to much :p
  7. Yeah, I'm guilty. I mumble like nobodies business. It's pretty bad. My voice also changed after the first time I smoked salvia, it sounded like someone else' voice for like a few hours and it still lingers even today. Just randomly it'll sound like my voice is coming out of someone else' face hole. It's really unnerving actually.
  8. My voice is a bit deeper.... Sometimes i don't talk loudly enough...
  9. When I get higher than I normally do I stumble on my words a lot, and if you weren't a good friend with me you'd probably start to get annoyed :laughing:. Although I do stumble sometimes when I'm sober so it might just be amplified from the cannabis.
  10. whenever I'm high my voice goes lower, and I sound like those stereotypical stoners you see in the movies.. and I really don't know why :p
  11. I don't really speak differently but I can have trouble articulating things and I don't ever have that problem sober
  12. Yeah. Just more of my actual personality comes out when I'm high, so.... well, I'm gay and in the closet, so my voice goes up a little and I affect an Eddie-Izzard-ish accent. I actually freaked out my friend (we were both stoned) when we were trying to out-creepy one another by doing that.
  13. I think smoking enhanced my thinking if anything
  14. I'm pretty stupid with talking when I'm high, I use very lazy speech and slang almost all the time hahaha. Lots of "man" and "dude" being said. If it really comes down to it I can sound almost smarter if i really try. All the times I've dealt with police I've been higher then a kite but have been calm, friendly and very smoooth at getting myself out of trouble haha.
  15. There definitely is a change in the way I talk when I'm high and I notice most people speak differently when they're high, even if it is pretty subtle. I also have trouble saying stuff sometimes when I'm really high, things for some reason don't wanna come out right.

    Words are hard.
  16. When I'm high and talking to non-smokers who'd kill me if they knew I was high, I make a lot of spoonerisms (like saying "Baco Tell" instead of "Taco Bell") and I'll sometimes forget what I'm saying mid-sentence, only when I'm high though.
  17. I sound like this guy when baked
  18. Uhh. Really my voice is just a little more deeper when I smoke, that and I'm more aware of what I'm saying, I usually talk in slang, when I'm high my slang stops. Other then that... nothing else.
  19. I have a stutter when I'm sober, always have. However, my best friend pointed out that when I'm high, my stutter vanishes.
  20. my speech becomes slower, more articulate, and flows in sort of a monotone...

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