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Has Anyone Here Ever Been To Amsterdamn

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. if youve traveled to amsterdamn please send me a message i have a few questions about air fair and room and board ect ect. Prices and what not, good travel agencys to go thru ect ect. I want to go this yr to be a judge at the canibus cup so id like to plan ahead so i dont have to deal with it later, so anyways send me a message if youve traveled there before and we can talk.

  2. i only dream of going to amsterdam(sighs) eh but who needs amsterdam when i got 1/2 0 of KB?
  3. but amsterdam has thousands of halfs of kb!!!

    we allllll need amsterdam!!

  4. Air Fare is cheap right now. You can get a round trip flight to Amsterdam from NYC for $250. Room and board isn't that much.

    If I were to go for a week and stay in a nice hotel, air fare, and spending money, I would need about $2,000. Maybe a little less.
  5. I was fortunate in that I lived in The Netherlands for 12 years,not in Amsterdam but in a little village called Noordwijk aan Zee(South Holland). The dutch are really cool folk and if you're into music then you have to visit Rotterdam (Ahoy venue) or Den Haag.
    It's not just the cannabis culture of Amsterdam,artists have a load of museums to choose from,historians can check out the hiding place of Anne Frank and just outside of Noordwijk you have ESTEC The European space center.
    One word of warning the police outside of Amsterdam take a different view of smoking on the street and its best if you're discreet about where you toke.My advice would be to stick to the hundreds of coffe shops.

    Veel Geluk en goede wensen.
    Lots of luck and good wishes.
  6. I'm going to go to Amsterdam next summer for a couple of days, i'm not that far away from it, I might get this year but not sure about it yet.

    The best hash, the best weed and it's all legal which is what Cannabis should be everywhere.

    This picture isn't me but it is the same size of cone a couple of us were smoking last night, damn it was a good smoke.

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  7. I grew up in Germany, so I've been in Amsterdam loads of times. Live somewhere else now but I visited Dam last summer. Getting a room is no problem whatsoever. You can get dormatory for 10-15$ or a good hotel room for 20-30$. Just go to a special reception at the airport (or train station) and tell'em what you need.

    Actually I recommend going to Rotterdam for most of yer trip (unless ye really like loads of tourists). They got the same quality shit there, just WAY cheaper. And hostels are cheaper, too. And the city is just as nice. Pm me if ye want more info, I'll see if I find some receipts and phone numbers..

    Toke on
  8. I have family in Amsterdam and have been there quite a few times, but I have never smoked there. Last time I went I was 15, that was 4 years ago, and I didn't even smoke at the time. My Father is 100% Dutch, he was born and raised in Holland. He came to America when he was 20 years old. But I still got mad family in Holland, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, more relatives there then here.
  9. I was kinda going ovver the idea of after graduating from college and looking to start my like, family life and shit, maybe moving out there and getting life set up over there. would be hell of an experiencei bet. But i dunno if i could just go across the world one day, leaving everything i know back here.

  10. Like Nike says "Just do it" I did and didn't regret it.
    Travel while you can and experience eveything.
    Good luck man.
  11. hmmm. quoting nike, intresting

  12. AArrrggghhhh The corporations have got me !!!!!!!!
    Not really, I just like the sentiment.
    Simple and to the point.
  13. I went to amsterdam when i was like... 13. We had tour guides, and since it consisted of mainly kids, we were only there for half a day for fear of us going to a cafe or finding the red light district. It sucked.
  14. Always nice to see people who like my place...
    Born and raised in Amsterdam.

    People... please... don't believe all the crap about Amsterdam. Just a normal city, with some openminded people though... No, you can not get drugs at every corner. No, not everybody is stoned here.

    But it has it's advantages... Living next to a coffeeshop (actually 3 doors, I'm always lucky). I even get it cheap, cause I'm the neighbor :)

    Yep, Amsterdam, my place to be. But all the stories make it better than it actually is.
  15. Here I'm again...

    I have to completely disagree with Mr Skinner. Rotterdam sucks. Grass ain't cheaper or better there. R'dam is a cold and agressive city. Where did you get that idea?

    In A'dam > don't go in the center to a coffeeshop. That's where all the tourists go. Leave the center for a little bit and you will find better stufff for better prices (no doubt...)

    Need a tourguide? ;)
  16. I plan on visiting the Netherlands within the next few months. I have a friend in Haarlem who I may stay with, but he is not into smoking and doesn't know where to get the best shit. Chances are that I will be travelling alone so it would be more fun if I had someone to smoke with. ;) If you are serious, let me know.

  17. No, I refuse to believe this. You probably don't know what it's like to live in a country that looks down upon marijuana use and arrests growers, sellers, and users alike. It is like the total opposite in amsterdam, and we know not to expect anything besides 'legal' weed, which is quite possibly the best thing in this world.
  18. well, indeed, I don't know what it is like to live in a country who looks down on growers/smokers.

    But still... I heard to much crap about Amsterdam. Too much people think that everything is possible here in the Netherlands. Hell no... We also got policemen who can be a pain in the ass, and they will not hesitate if they feel like it...

    But on the other hand.... you will not hear me complain. Once I got a fine for drinking alcohol on the street, and the policeman asked me nicely to smoke the joint next time at home 'cause some people don't like the smell... :)

    By the way: Marihuana is NOT legal in the Netherlands. We just found our way to officially "close our eyes"...

    Just come all over...!
  19. Well, I've been there. Maybe it's that I've not been the right places but I've always had the impression that R'dam was cheaper than A'dam. It makes sense, too. There are way more tourists in A'dam. So they screw prices way up. Maybe you have to know the places. I didn't say they had better weed, though. And I met some Belgians (yeah, I know, you have issues on 'em, haha) in Portugal 2 years ago. They supported my observations.

    But anyway, if I go to A'dam again, I also would like a tourguide...can I PM you?

  20. Yea that's why I said 'legal' not legal.

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