Has anyone gotten so high they just peed with out realizing?

Discussion in 'General' started by ScorpiA, Oct 4, 2010.

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    Nothing really else to say,

    Have you ever peed yourself while youre high? Or like atleast had the feeling like you had and not been able to figure out if it was real?

    Dunno, maybe im just weird...


    It only happens when i sit for long periods of time, and are just being a veggy.. but when i move and shit it doesnt feel like it lol
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    yea, I got that after a 1 month t break this once, it was cool but a little annoying tbh, it made me feel uncomfortable because pissing your pants would suck..

    I would like to take a moment to edit my post. I felt the sensation of urinating....but I actually didnt.
  3. OMG, thank fucking god.. I felt like a complete retard posting.. I been toking for a while and have smoked alot, but i randomly get periods in smoking alot that i am peeing..

    So glad someone atleast had something like this, so im not alone.. lol...
  4. Fuck no.

    Maybe you have a bladder issue?
  5. work on your kegles man. ;)

  6. I actually have for the past few years haha. :smoke:

  7. haha word. :hello:
  8. I've seen multiple posts about this subject. Strange.
  9. i used to get this feeling in highschool when my tolerance was low but i figured out it was just ass sweat from sitting all fucking day in those desks haha
  10. no...that's wierd though.
  11. I was with a bunch of friends and spilled bong water on my lap without realizing it and seriously thought I pissed myself, and I just sat there like "What the fucking fuck? How am I gonna stand up in front of all these people? Ohshitohshitohshit"

    .. Then I realized:smoking:
  12. No.
  13. No but I do shit on myself.
  14. HAHAAHA ive done exactly this before i was just sitting there faded out in my room with a bong on my lap and then i let go of it somehow and didnt realize and the water had spilled all over me, sat there for like 10 seconds and was like OH SHIT i just pissed myself.

    edit: 200th post :hello:
  15. You ever laugh so hard you fart or shit your pants? Yea me neither.....:rolleyes:
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    about a year ago i smoked myself silly for 2hours striaght. Dank finger hash and bho with buds, so after about 2 hours of chilling in a car i have the warmest/moist feeling in my pants. I convinced myself within seconds i shart myself since i had to go poop earlier on and never went. Thank god i didnt, it was just some narly ass sweat, seriously thought i ust lost all bowel movements, super stoned and couldnt think striaght i guess.
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    I like taking a piss when high...stumble in there, realise like an hour late how bad you need to piss 'cos it's actually making you physically uncomfortable, dick in one hand, the other against the wall, leaning all forward relaxed 'n shit, feeling like just, a liquid earthworm slidin' outcha dickhole.
    Close my eyes and just listen to the flow.
    See, that's what I'm talkin' about right there.

    Oh hey, and I kinda do a sway, so the piss goes like a snake. A slow snake.
  18. I cannot say I've wet myself from being too high.
  19. No, can't say I've ever been high enough to forget my potty training skills
  20. no never happened and hopefully never will

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