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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Pmath, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. Used a Metal Halide bulb in a Mercury Vapor balist like shown on overgrow:
    I went out bought the light and the MH bulb - wired it up yesterday and it only worked with the MV bulb - today I turned it on with the MH bulb and it took a second then worked but now I'm having trouble getting it to turn on again- I left it pluged in for like 30 mins but it wouldn't light up - I'm gonna try a new bulb but I'm not sure that will help...any suggestions?
  2. In order to work all HPS lamps need
    a) a AC/DC transformer
    b) a small box called starter.

    the starters job is to kick start the lamp.

    It seems to me that u have a mailfunctional starter.
  3. Thanks for the responce - but would the MV bulb work and not the MH bulb
  4. MH is just an upgrade on a MV lamp, there is no gud reason y the MH wont fire up but the MV will unless the MH has blown. make sure that the MH is of the right watts, to small and it will burn out super fast, try another lamp, it may just b that the 1st 1 was a bit of a dud. dont move or shake the lamps when they r hot or cooling, infact just dont shake them ever.

    this mod has been around allmost as long as MH lamps, iv never heard of a MV ballast not being able to lite a good MH lamp of the right watt b4.

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