has anyone ever used raised beds...also: milk jug for watering....

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  1. i was wandering if raised beds are effective? Maybe paint the walls a camo color? Has any1 ever used these?also, has any1 ever heard of putting a milk jug down in the soil next to the plants ...put a few holes in the jug so that it slowly releases water to plants? this seems like a good idea i just wanted to see what yall thought, thanks alot
  2. about the milk jug thing i think ur just gonna end up over watering which is a lot worse then under watering
    ur better of hand watering
    unless u really get the water coming out at a good rate
  3. the only way i would recomend using your milk idea is if your planing on putting these things in extremely sandy soil........in that case, i would just add new soil. i gues it just sounds like a silly idea to me.
  4. this is a bit complicated but it has worked for my friend and I. ok here it goes.
    1) bury a 5 gallon water jug ( like the ones you buy at the grocery stores)
    2) buy a SMALL LIGHT DUTY water pump check pet stores.
    3) buy the clear water lines and spray paint green
    4) buy a drip line which cna be bought at any hardware store (the small 1/4 in ones.
    5) connect tube from pump to drip line and from pump to resevoir
    there you go u got yourself a lazyman watering system! ( you might wanna turn the pumps power lower)

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