Has anyone ever gotten "sick high?"

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokinbobmarley, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. You know, like that sea-sick type feeling. Where your vision goes white and you can't stand without feeling like your about to pass out. With the cold sweat along with all of that mess? I have that on occasion, yet I only smoke thrax, no dirt. Does anyone know why this occurs? Once I went to work, and as I was helping a costumer, my vision went white and I passed out after popping some blown up balloons on the way down lmao, I work at a hallmark store btw. Anyway, I felt like shit and left. My blood sugar was mad low too. It's not a big concern of mine because it's not frequent and I hear people have experienced similiar instances. But I have no idea why, feel free to share your experiences!
  2. yes. a couple times. ive actually passed out. 3 times. first was with a friend, randomly started to get hot and hard to breath. 2nd with some bitch we smoked alot and idk I think it was just anxiety? I was laying on her bed and just passed out. 3rd time was with my buddies we smoked a chronic blunt and i had a beer or two, just blacked out.
    It's not too fun, but I have come to the conlcusion that I probably have some sort of social anxiety, sometimes?
  3. Not me personally, but a good friend and my girlfriend have a few times.

    We would call it the white death. You get all pale and your vision goes white. Much throwing up ensues.

    It seems pretty intense and there is no cure. Try and sleep it off if it happens.
  4. White death haha, I like that. Name definitely suits it.
  5. Only after drinking AND smoking I've felt sick...

    Wait I take that back, once I felt like a dehydrated sea captain after taking a huge bong hit... And I don't normally smoke bongs

  6. just wondering but r u type 1 diabetic??? allot of type 1's have a bad reaction to certain hybrid strains.. maybe be careful what ur using.. and were ur getting it from.. may not be flushed well!!!! just a thought
  7. That's a good thought, but I don't think I'm diabetic. I've never had anything mentioned to me during blood tests, and my moms a nurse so I think she'd catch on to some signs if I showed them.
  8. This happened to my girlfriend the first time she smoked. I gave her a bong hit that was definitely too big for her to handle and the problem was that she swallowed most of the smoke.
  9. Ooooh, that's harsh :(. I feel her pain.

  10. ok then just a thought u said ur sugar was low in the other paragraph so.... good here ur not by the way

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