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has anyone ever been to Kenya?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by crestonchic08, Mar 20, 2004.

  1. i am going to Kenya and i was wondering if weed was legal there
    Also wondering if it was good shit or not
  2. ivee been on a safari to kenya and its awsome there. i dont kno bout bud there tho srry.
  3. come to kenya we've got lions,

    kenya beleive it?
  4. Stupid fucking question.
  5. What is? That he asked if Kenya bud is good? He might be taking a trip and seeing if its worth it. Don't put him down man.
  6. It's a stupid fucking question. Even if anyone knew this shit off the top of their head (which would be extremely unlikely) is it that hard to figure this shit out for yourself?
    Here are my common sense answers to your stupid fucking questions:
    Like most third-world countries, weed is probably illegal in Kenya, and if it is the laws are almost certainly much more harsh than wherever you live. You probably don't want to mess around with the law in countries where you stand to get put in a shitty jail for a long time.
    As for the quality of the the weed, I'm sure there's some decent dank somewhere in Kenya, and I'm sure there's some absolute shit weed in Kenya. I'm also going to guess that any bud you are getting is going to be pretty bad, and its going to be a bitch to find it. Most likely if you found anything it would probably be hash, and mass-produced hash from Africa (mostly Morrocco) is generally pretty low-quality.
    So does that answer to your stupid fucking question?
  7. fuck fuck fuck shit god damn shit fucking shit piece of fucking shit ..:D calm down buddy. ..your from africa why dont you tell us about the area you live in
  8. Marijuana: cash for crops

    Mount Kenya is pockmarked with marijuana plantations. In the forest aerial survey 143 plantations, called bhangi fields, were discovered. Back on the streets of Nairobi, marijuana sells and demand is increasing. As a result, more and more pockets of forest are being cleared to cultivate this lucrative crop. A crop that the growers are willing to defend with poisoned arrows - making patrolling for marijuana fields a risky business for forest wardens.

    Poverty may be the driving force behind the use of, and demand for, marijuana on the streets of Nairobi, but it also plays a large part in the production of charcoal - another threat to the forest of Mount Kenya.

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  9. lmfao thats exactly wat i thought,

    everyone seriously, check this out

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