Has Anybody bought the metal "Piece Pipe"?

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  1. I'm in need of a good stealth pipe, and considering I've seen reviews that say it hit incredibly smoothly for a short metal pipe, it seems like the perfect fit. Any advice from a present owner out there?
  2. Not a big fan of metal pipes. They get way hot and has a weird taste.
  3. If I were you I would just buy a very tiny cheap glass pipe. They can be just as stealthy, but the taste is not as bad. However, if you are worried about breaking it and you are going to beat the crap out of it just buy a metal one. Metal isn't that bad, whatever gets you high.
  4. i use a 4 inch metal pipe every day, they just get hot and they clog up pretty easy, but if u clean your bowl once and a while its fine
  5. yeah those ones suck. get a big pipe if you wanna get high
  6. Um get this pipe called the mushroom pipe. It is a metal shroom with a long stem, and you can unscrew the cap and screw it into another spot and you have a pipe. Then you can toke out of it then screw it back up and put it away. (When you screw the pipe back into the shroom it seals the smell away.

    Im gonna make a thread about this very soon.

    They are about 10$ online
  7. i dont think I would pay 10 bucks for that. don't forget about shipping. why not just get a 3 dollar metal piece at the headshop instead?

  8. That was my first real pipe I asked someone outside a gas station to buy it for me when i was 14 and i used it untill i was arrested with it a few years ago. I love metal pipes there so low maintenance and they get the job done which is usually the attitude people who use metal pipes have. They want to get blazed and that shit works fine
  9. glass is the best u can get a cheap small glass pipe

  10. I wouldnt say glass is the best. Sure the most popular but when it comes to the best in terms of durability its definetly metal. I dont think it needs to be said that vaporizers are at the top of the "food chain" in smoking
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    I had a piecepipe, it was fucking awesome, so small and discreet (more so than any other piece ive owned).. better than any other metal pipe ive ever used since. Stash spot is really cool too (no need for baggies means one less thing to carry/hide).. also Takes a long time to get hot and is super easy to clean

    It did get me arrested tho.. After having it for a year i got in the habit of always having it on my keys. Cops found weed on my friend and searched me.. still took em 20 minutes to find/figure out what it was.. when it was infront of them the whole time.

    I highly recomend this and im picky about pieces
  12. Well I'm not getting a glass pipe, mainly because they don't make glass stealth pipes and I'm a bit paranoid. I'd totally get a vaporizer except I'm a bit wee on the cash flow. As it is the piece pipe'll probably break my bank. As far as the con's of metal pipes go, I've heard this one is pretty good heat/taste/bowl/clog/cleaning wise, though that mushroom one is looking fine as well.

    The Cannabis: So when you say no smell, you mean NONE at all? Cause as far as pipes are going right now, your's is looking like number two for me. I like the piece pipe, (look it up if you like stealth pipes, its sick), because of its stash capacity, but this one is SO much cheaper. Any more detailed thoughts on the mushroom? And thanks very much for mentioning it in the first place :)

    skittles: Awesome dude, thats what I'm looking for in a pipe. So the stash capacity is sweet, but does ANY smell get out? Cause i'm paranoid about the smell lol. By the way, have you used that mushroom pipe mentioned earlier, if so is the pp better? One last thing, howd the cops find out it was a pipe? I mean, if your friend hadn't had weed on him you'd have been fine right? I guess I'm asking if they'll know what it is/smell the pipe if I ever get searched. And thanks very much for all you've said already :)

    Thanks everyone for all the feedback, rock on dudes and dudettes~
  13. smells not bad.. not something i worried about with it but I also cleaned once a week or so (takes 5 mins tops).

    And yea.. totally my friends fault. We were smoking a cig by my car in an empty parking lot and a cop rolled up. My friend got all sketchy and he got patted down- Actually found a bowl (not bud, my bad) and were SURE i had to have some on me then. Before I knew it, we were surrounded by 6 cars and I was face down on the hood watching them tear through my car.. kinda sucked eventually they found it on my keys and I got a possesion charge.

    As far as those mushroom pipes, their crap. I have one somewhere and it sucks. Gets real hot, smells like ass, gives metal taste and is almost impossible switch from pipe to shroom once it gets dirty.. just sticks together
  14. I personally don't care for metal bowls and haven't smoked out of one in years.

    I'd pick up a little $10 glass piece and find something to carry it in. A sunglass case might hold it and keep it protected.
  15. Yup my first piece ever is just like that and it gets you ripped as fuck. But a glass piece with a carb works better IMO
  16. Well thanks everyone for the responses, especially skittles for the first hand info. I think I'm gonna order one later tonight, when i'm a wee bit blitzed. Sadly, it'll only be from an arizona can :(

    Have a goon one :smoking:
  17. Yes just got it today and holy fuck is this the best metal stealth pipe ever!!

  18. I had that same pipe for my first piece it was an awesome little sneak a toke
  19. right now im using a little sneak a toke with screw on cap and rubber mouthpeice, and it is awesome
  20. does anyone know if the smoke goes through the chamber? is this like a chamber pipe?

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