Has any one tripped on DOB or DOC

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    A couple of months ago i tripped on dob i thought what i was getting was LSD but then found out it was dob,it would of have to been the most intense trip Ive ever experienced besides dmt of course.i found it to be similar to acid but it was much more intense.the open an closed eye visuals were so intense my mind was in a whole different place it was weird tho i wasn't the same for like 2 weeks.has anyone had the chance to try this psychedelic,if so how was it?
  2. What is DOB or Doc
  3. DOB(2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromoamphetamine)is a relatively uncommon synthetic psychedelic. It is best known for its very low doses and long duration.

  4. how much of it did you take cause if it was on standard blotter or gel tabs you would have to take significantly more to have an intense trip. btw are you positive it wasn't just good cid.
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    I'm positive it wasn't good acid cause the trip was way to intense an it didn't feel like acid at all.also my friends dealer said he was getting dob an selling it as acid blotters.i took 4 an you don't need a lot to have a good trip on dob at least that's what Ive heard.but it was just so intense an when I'm tripping hard i like to be outside experiencing nature an playing guitar,but there was a kid i was with that took the dob an it was to much for him so he ended up have a bad trip an puking all night,so i had to go with them to some kids house i didn't know an they were watching some really weird show on adult swim.it just wasn't the right environment for me to be in.it really took all my mind power to fight off a bad trip i ended up leaving the house to go adventure on my own an my friend had a 12 string acoustic he let me borrow it was actually quit pleasant night.after i got away from everyone,it was really cool i ended just laying down outside near a lake playing guitar,it was a beautiful night the moonlight was reflecting off the lake,an i created some really crazy music.
  6. that shit fucked me up. dont make the same mistake
  7. what do you mean?
  8. well im by no means an expert but from what ive read acid is the most potent psycadelic known to man. hopefully someone more educated on this can back me up but rc's are not nearly as potent and you would need way more than 4 hits of standard blotter of dob to have an intense trip where as 4 hits of really good acid will have most people trippin face. So my guess would be its good cid but im not 100% on what a standard dose of dob is and i have never tripped on it before.
  9. I've had DOB that was passed off as LSD before.

    I remember it being not as bright and fuzzy as a normal LSD trip is for me. Very sinister and very overwhelming. The biggest problem I had with it was the simple fact that it lasted about 10 or 12 hours and that I never noticed much of a diminishing effect after what I would have called my peak. It was just wave after wave of this overwhelming energy coursing through my body.

    It was a good experience but I don't think I'd do it again, LSD is better in my book.
  10. I'm assuming DOB can be placed on blotter?
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    judging by this



    and this

    i'd say yeah.
  12. there's actually a couple of psychedelics that are stronger than acid an the amount i took had me tripping total face.like i said Ive never tripped that hard besides dmt an i trip a lot an Ive tripped a lot on different things an this was no acid.
  13. here's how you know if it was lsd or DOB.

    lsd has no taste at all whatsoever
    DOB, like most other adulterants has a metallic, unnatural taste.
  14. LSD is an ergoline salt, meaning it should taste bitter. Do your research.

    Anyway. I too was sold some LSD that turned out to be DOB. My experience was very similar to the OP's. It was a lot more intense than LSD, but not as euphoric and comfortable. I tripped for around 24 hours.
  15. i don't know what you're talking about erowid says that lsd should not have a taste to it

    i did do my research so i don't know what you're talking about
  16. Two years of college chemistry and organic chemistry. It's understandable that erowid would say there's no taste as they're concerned primarily with the individual substance and it's effects, not necessarily its chemistry. Invariably and universally, members of the ergoline family, especially salts, produce a mild bitter taste in solution.

    Organic Chemistry by John McMurry, 7th edition.
  17. the first time i dropped acid i tasted nothing. but the acid was weak. the second time it tasted way bitter(like gumbo said). and the acid was strong as fuck. i saw a spider with green rings on it jump onto a branch sticking up out of the ground and it instantly got absorbed into it and then it turned into a purple gold and green pinp cane with revolving candy spiders on it. so id take from that that stronger acid will have a taste. it just depends on who u get it from and how potent it is.

    but doc and DMT sound appealing to me right now. i really want to try out the whole extracting DMT method

  18. both are correct, LSD is active at 250 nanograms, so it's unlikely you would get enough LSD on a blotter to taste it, but that would still make you trip.
  19. go for it bro dmt is a amazing drug,im probably gonna post a thread on how to extract dmt,its much simpler than most extraction processes.
  20. Damn that sucks. It'd be nice if I could just walk to the store, pick up a couple sheets of acid, and feel comfortable knowing that what I am going to ingest is actually lsd.

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