has a girl ever licked your asshole before?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by moabfighter, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Even better. I have alcohol wipes for my booty
  2. Ya dude. Dont get me wrong I love giving my bf head. But there aint no way in hell Im licking a manly ass atheletes asshole

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  3. BUT said athelete HAS in fact given his lady a rim job once during some drunken sex.

    Pimpin aint easy!!

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  4. lmao pimpin aint easy, things happen when your drunk, i think all of us have been in similar situations, i gave a gf the same in a drunken night
  5. I gave my ex a lil' tongue tickle on her butt a few times...  Not saying go as passionately as you would the other hole, but a few flicks of the tongue certainly goes a long way.
    Ok here's one.
    A girl is getting eaten out by her girlfriend when she exclaims "this pussy tastes like shit!". "What did you say?!" she asked, to which her girlfriend replied "sorry, just a slip of the tongue".
  6. I've never licked or had my ass licked by anyone. I'm OCD and germophobic :laughing: i have boundaries.
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    Fuck orgy? Are the snuggle orgies too? Oh oh and what about blanket orgies? SMH :bolt:
  9. Nah, but I've licked my girl's before, she didn't particularly care for it but I'd like to try again sometime.
  10. No.

    And because I know my asshole better than anyone else, I know that it is not an advisable course of action :laughing:

    Now if I had a girl who reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy was into it, and just had to tongue punch my fart box, Id let her, not before saying "lemme go freshen up for a minute" which would include a hot shower set on jet, though
  11. Do it man if it pleasures you. If it doesn't, don't. Try itbon yourself sometime to (fingers, not tongue)
  12. Hell no I'm not fingering my asshole.

    My thread was weird from the start, but now its really fucking weird.
  13. I eat her ass fresh out of the shower all the time. She has never licked mine. May need to find some horny gay guy to lick it!

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