has a girl ever licked your asshole before?

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  1. Serious. I went to a fuck orgy party thing a few months ago, and the hottest blonde there was really into me, she could squirt and everything. But she was riding me, got off, and said hold your legs open.
    I was like wtf? I did it anyway, and the bitch hurries and goes down and buries her tongue inside my asshole.
    and was like fucking my asshole with her tongue. Seeing a 10/10 blonde girl face buried in my ass kind of turned me on..

    Anyone got any experience with this sort of thing? Should I ask more girls to lick my asshole?
  2. Props dude.
    I had it happen once, don't think I'll do it again though. Not because I didn't like it, but I know how bad that place gets sometimes, I don't wanna make a chick go down there.
  3. Tongue punch my fart box? Hell yeah that's like my dream. I'd return the favor too

    Omega369 :wave:
  4. I had a feeling wild shit was gunna happen at the fuck party so I shaved gooch, ass, etc..

    I had my bare asshole penetrated by a tens tongue.

    Lol wut
  5. Yes that happens to me all the time. But it's usually when I'm taking a shit.......
  6. hell yeah I've gotten my salad tossed
  7. My girl won't do it! Hahaha I jokingly asked her to see how she felt about it. No bueno

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    what. the. fuck.
  9. And then,she french kissed you and you took a taste of your own butthole.

    The end.
  10. i don't think i could bring myself to eat guy butthole.. too much hair, and i know that nigga aint using baby wipes to clean is hole when he poos. maybe if i loved him enough id do it, but to a rando? hellll noo.

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  11. You must love on a deeper level than i do :p hahaha
    When I give head I lick everywhere from the neck to the feet, but honestly the asshole is a NO GO. NEVER EVER EVER. i am literally shuddering at the thought...... ugh.
  12. Yeah for sure. An ex of mine was down for the cause.

    Feels good bro. :metal:
  13. Fuck yeah, it's the shit. NPI
  14. well when i brought it up, she said only if you like mine first. ha, shouldnt have offered babe!
  15. Yeah man ask every girl to lick your shit cutter. Make sure you wear a go-pro and upload the vids to GC.
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    Damn, I wish I got to go to parties like that when I was in my teens :p . Now I'm tempted to ask what city you live in :p .
    But yeah, I have had the pleasure of getting rimmed by a lady on a few occasions...it's definitely a fun time. And yes, while I fast discovered it was a thing I liked, I have noticed that it often seems to just happen, at the girls behest... I think that's what makes it hot in part...that so many ladies are unsuspectingly that nasty ;P .
    As perhaps I implied, I've been to a few parties like that too, but oddly, that never happened there, in fact, I don't think it's ever happened for me in front of other people (aside from the one doing it)....and I'm not even sure how I'd feel about that! But I suppose if everyone was getting busy, it would be hard to feel too bashful about one extra little daliance ;) .
    hmm I can already tell this is going to be a thing for me now, a "get rimmed at the next sex party you are at" goal  :p .
  17. no, but colour me curious

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