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  1. Hello all my plants are finnished budding. now i would like to know how to get the buds off them.. ?

    I dont have any pictures but can anyone show me how to cut them off?

    I think the top bud wont be hard as ill just chop it under the bud(i think thats right)

    Its the little buds that grow between the stem and the leaves that i dont know how to get off????

    If someone could show me a picture of a plant and where to cut would be a great help...
    also can i fertilize them after i have debudded them??

    Thanks all for the help....

  2. cut the whole plant at the main stalk....right at soil level, and hang it upside down in the dark at room temp, for approx 7 days, and let fresh air in twice a day........when dry then you cut the buds off and cure them in an airtight jar, opening tye jar approx twice a day for say approx another week.......obviously the small buds will dry and cure faster and keep you happy till the big ones are done.........Peace out...........Sid
  3. hello thanks for your help.

    I was wondering if i could just take the buds off and keep the plant for another season?

  4. yes it's called regeneration, but it can be tricky, and to achieve itm you have leave some buds on and also as many leaves as possible, then put the light's back to 18/6 or 24/0 and wait till it returns into veg state.........most people would take the bigger buds and leave the smaller ones.......but leaving buds on a plant is a hard thing to do when you know you'll run out of smoke before the 2nd harvest of the plant is done............Peace out.........Sid

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