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Harvesting the resin out of an acrylic bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pink Floyd, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Well I just recently got an acrylic bong from my friend for free and I cleaned the bowl by putting it in boiling water, but the inside of the downstem would probably produce a ball of res the size of a nickel. I can't/don't want to scrape it, so what's another way to harvest all the resin while keeping it smokeable?

    I was thinking of taking out the downstem and boiling it and when all the resin rises to the top, strain it and let it dry. Or get some ISO alchohol and soak it and try to make some hash, althought I dunno if it would work? Anyone got any suggestions?
  2. Iso would be your best bet... but it deteriorates plastic... so fill it with iso... shake vigorously for about 30 seconds dry... and keep doing it till its clean... dont leave it more then about 30 seconds and when you're done rinse it with water to get remaining iso.
  3. I would use iso and salt, but yea, it would work.

  4. How much hash do you think it would make? Probably a tiny little bit right? The downstem is probably like 4 or 5 inches long and has ALOT of resin. Should I take it out, fill a ziploc with iso, and shake the bag around for a bit and then leave it for 15 mins, and repeat a couple times?
  5. That wont be hash man it will be rez.

    Scrape it out don't put iso in an acrylic piece.

  6. im sorry bro im kinda high. I thought you were just cleaning it haha:smoke:

    dont use salt if you harvesting resin.

    umm, idk
  7. You guys don't understand, I can take out the downstem and it's completely metal so no plastic will be touching iso. I'm thinking of just boiling the downstem and sifting out the res that rises out of it and letting it dry. Would it work?
  8. In that case just rinse it with iso and let it evaporate on a plate.
  9. I was told alcohol breaks down thc, this can't be the case if you use it to obtain res. Can anyone tell me more about alcohol and thc?

  10. if it evaporated then I dont think the THC would evaporate, I would imagine it would stay on the plate or whatever.
  11. resin is gross, get some bud dude... desperate

  12. THC bonds to alchohol and fat so when you rinse res or bud in alchohol and let it evaporate there is a sort of paste left behind after all the alchohol is gone. Scrape that paste and make it into a ball, voila, concentrated thc
  13. wait... so how do I clean my acrylic bong then..? [​IMG]

  14. Quit bein' a snob, in times of no bud and no money and major boredom resin can be a lifesaver

  15. ummm...I was speculating for the op if you didnt notice.

    I have a half ounce of bermese kush at the moment,

    there is no need for resin here. :smoke:
  16. haha, kicking myself for all the thc I've wasted cleaning pieces with alcohol and dumping it down the drain

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