Harvesting resin from my whip?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by TotallyToked, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. The glass piece that hooks into the heating element of my vape is hosting a layer of delicious looking resin (not all black like a pipe/bong, a goldish brown resin). Is there a good way to harvest this? My glass piece is perhaps 5-6" long.

  2. i use a wooden skewer for mine has a tendency to push it all back tho so if you can find something with some kinda of hook or curved edge it would help a good bit
  3. Do you use heat or anything? (Should I hook the whip up to the vaporizor and suck hot air through to heat it up first? Hot water bath? Something else?)
  4. isopropyl alcohol of 91% or higher. soak the glass part that hosts all of the yummy stuff in the isopropyl alcohol till it is clean. then take all of the alcohol and put it in a glass dish or plate to evaporate. when all of the alcohol is evaporated it still needs to sit for another 24 hours to purge out the alcohol. a warmer place is better then a cooler place. as long as there is no alcohol left in the dish you can finish purging {letting it sit out to open air} in the house somewhere safe.

    after 36 to 48 hours you can use a razor blade to scrape up the good stuff. it shouldn't taste or smell of alcohol. if it does you didn't let it purge all of the alcohol off. it should look very close to what is in the glass chamber currently when you are finished. it shouldn't be wet or soupy in any way. oily and goopy maybe, but it should be thick and sticky. it might even be a little like hard candy.

    you can vape it, green screen it, roll it into a doobie or make some hand pressed hash out of it. the possibilities are endless. what you have isn't resin really. it is reclaim which imho isn't nearly as d\\bad for you. it is really close to what it was wen you were vaping it because the heat never got to the point of burning your concentrate. remember that the stuff you now have isnt as potent and wont be as good looking or tasting because we have processed the living shit out of it.

    good luck broski

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