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  1. I want to grow a breed which is called white skunk. It is Super resinous skunk cross with heavy duty white crystals.

    My question is how would you harvest it?


    Here is a site with general info on it

    Do you collect the crystals and resin and then dry it.
    If so how is it harvested?

    I like skunk but iv never come across one which has resin and crystals.
  2. So your actually thinking about scraping the trich's off the buds!?!?!?!!!!! That is a terrible idea. Harvest the plant as you would anyother mj lady. If you don't want the bud to smoke, and just make hash with the trich's harvest them, and do the IWH process or a dry process...but that is a waste to a good plant...matter of fact harvest it, and over night it to me, Ill gladly enjoy the plant your thinking about butchering.
  3. Why are there so many drama queens on here. I asked a question about what you do to harvest these crystal covered plants as iv never grown them.

    I did not say i wanted hash i just wondered why they are covered in crystals and if they needed any type of special harvest.

    Since they dont then thats fine.

  4. keep all the cystal leaves and make a great butter see this foram for directions:wave:
  5. Your welcome. Drama Queen? No. Poorly worded question? Yes. I've heard of people doing crazy things, so someone wanting to scrape the tric's off the plant is definately a possibility with all the crazyness.
  6. you guys are funny...

    to answer your question, it depends on what kind of process you're gonna use to collect the "crystals" or trichomes weather it be the process bubble hash, iso hash, honey hash, keif hash or cold water hash or whatever you choose...
    some of those can be done without drying or curing and some of them have to be cured to cured to do it... either way all can be done after being dried... so just dry it...

    Ok so how it works is:

    grow plant - chop down - manicure the bud

    buds = you smoke
    sugar leaves = you collect crystals to make hash
    fan leaves = you throw away

    stems = you play Star Wars with

    good luck
    I hope I've helped you out

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