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  1. Never see many threads talking about harvesting. I have read about a number of different methods and have not decided on one yet. I am getting ready to harvest my current grow soon and would like to hear how others do it. Thanks...
  2. thats how it is for me too im actually counting down days instead of weeks till harvest. I have been flowering for lil over 8 weeks now friday will be 9 weeks total.My current plant is a stravia for sure not sure wat starin though. I heard a method that u flood ur plants the last week of flowering to flush all the chemicals in there. The last 3 days befor harvest put them on a 3 hrs of light/ and the rest in total darkness. They say this is for mostly stravia plants white and blue strains. anyone else hear the same>?
  3. yo i always put the nuggetz in a brown paper bag for like 1 or 2 days with a fan blowing by the bag not directly on it then after that i put them in an air tight glass jar and open the jar twice a day for fresh air and its up to u on how long u are willing to wait i wait 2 weeks. i have never heard of 3/21 but i think that would probably decrease the yeild if u do anything with the lights u should turn the lights on longer like 14/10 or something but dont quote me that just seems logical to me
    lets see some pics of your plants guys
  4. it's said that you should put the plants in total darkness to increase the resin production right before you chop them, but don't do it until they are ready to harvest and the buds have stopped bulking up or it will hurt your yield... just... when you are ready to harvest instead of chopping, leave them in the dark for 2-3 days and they will think they're dying (which they are) and supposedly produce more resin, then go ahead and chop them. then most people hang the whole plants upside down for around 5 days with a fan in there. if you aim the fan at them they will dry out faster, but if you have them behind the fan it will pull air through and they will dry out more slowly... the slower they dry supposedly the better they cure and the smoother the smoke and taste

    after that go into the mason jars and do what the guy above said
  5. Yeah i just heard that the last days of the plant they use alot of the dark period of the time to produce more resin growth.
  6. So you put them in total darnkss for 3 days or can you have an hr of light on them so you can check up on them?
  7. hey hero i read the link under your signature good info i think i am going to put both my mh and hps in my flower room and do the 3 days of darkness like you said when my plants time comes thanks hero
  8. the 3 days of darkness is just something I've heard. I don't think it has been proven or anything. but having both mh and hps in your flowering room will help out a lot!
  9. I plan to flush my plants with lots of water three or four times during the last couple weeks before I harvest. No nutes for the last couple weeks and I like the idea of letting the plant sit in the dark for two or three days before chopping them down as well. Will trim off all of the fan leaves and then cut the branches with buds off from the main plant for drying. I will "TRY" to be patient with some of the biggest buds and cure them slowly in mason jars. One of my plants has a clump of buds on the top/main stem that is about 7 inches long and a good 2 inches in diameter (so far) that I can't wait to put a flame on, but I will probably try to cure that clump by the book and see what happens. Thanks for the feedback....

  10. it doesn't really matter. i mean, you want to wait until you think they are ready to harvest them first before experimenting with the dark period thing. then, a 3 day period is not going to hurt them when they're already ready, and the trichs aren't gonna suddenly go couchlock brown within only 3 days. they're ready whenever you want at that point. you can look at them, chop them, hug them, whatever.. it's just a little test to see if the plant will put out more resin. i've heard people swear by it and do it every time... don't know if it works, but it can't hurt anything. worst thing that could happen is if your plant has been flowering too long it might pop out a male banana or two, but it's not like it has time to pollinate and seed your bud so no big deal

    yup I'd flush about 10-14 days before harvest. just pick off a lower bud to toke on while you cure the nice ones lol
  11. I heard that cutting the light produces more resin and potency of the bud and increases the harvest. Not sure if its true so anyone else hard simular?

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