Harvesting at 5-6 weeks

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ganja999, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. HiMy plant as been in a pot since late feb.It is on it's 5-6 week on a timer, for a month or more, i tryed to do thebudding cycle by myself but messed it up with some days more darkness than others.The thing is my plant has been doing good up until now. The Leaves are all yellow and dying off, and its getting to the point that all the leaves will be gone and then the buds are next.This has been like a first grow, and i have been using nothing but nice aqaurium lights lined up around my plant. It has gotten this far with just that.I havent ever done nothing to it but water it and repot it. a few days ago i gave it some miracle grow bloom booster and i think thats what might have fucked it up for good.any suggestions on what to do? If i did harvest now, how potent would they be off just a bag seed? Also how much % of bud would i loose if i would harvest now insted of waiting?Thanks
  2. Well first, I'd suggest posting pictures. Along with that, go buy some nutrients. Put a little money into the project and you'll see great results.

    If they are turning yellow, it sounds like a nitrogen problem. Although, in flowering, the use of nitrogen is low.

    But do post pictures. The potency will more than likely resemble smoking a maple leaf at this point.

    You can save your plant with a little bit of care.
  3. Def do not chop. Even if the leaves do all fall off its not the end of the world. Just try to get any nutes are anything to help the plant.

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