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  1. my question is how should i cure my plant exactly to get the best taste possible? any advice? and heres a couple of pics of my lady.
  2. Depends how you want to go about it. Some like to harvest by individual buds and some like to harvest by cutting down the whole plant. Either way they will need to dry in a dark place and be put in jars. I would suggest moving this thread to the harvesting & curing. It would probably be easiest to cut your plants down all at once and let them hang upside down for 24-48 hours. They will need to cure for a minimum of a week.
  3. When you harvest your plant hang upside down in a cool dark place with humidity around 30% works best imho after this drying process when the stems snap without much bend put into glass jars cure for a week or 2 crack out and enjoy the fruits of your labour :smoking:
  4. my best advice is to stop using all nuts and other vites u are putting into ur grow and use straight water for another 2 weeks. that will clean out the plant of any chemicals and nut taste that might come around when smoking. the just cut at nodes and hang up side down for 9 ta 12 days and keep in full dark so all the chloraplaste die. means ur leafs will turn a lighter shaded color. thats what i would go about doing it.
  5. Hmmmm, no one answered your question "how should i cure my plant", though they did try to answer some different questions.

    Curing: once the bud is harvested and dried, put in airtight jars (like mason jars). Fill jars loosely, no more than 3/4 full. Keep the jars sealed, except once a day open the jars for 10-15 minutes, then re-seal. Give them a gentle shake before and after opening to keep the buds loose and from sticking together. Do that for a month and your bud will be nicely cured.

    You don't have to wait a month to smoke, you can pinch along the way.

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