Harvested to early?

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  1. So this was my second grow and it wad literally just planting a bag seed and tap water Fed outdoor.. Any ways the first grow i harvested and cured completely wrong and all two oz of buds molded and shit the bed.. I'm wondering if i harvested these way to early it's pretty leafy but the fan leaves were dying so i thought it was done...

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  2. I'd say you harvested to early. I did somewhat the same thing with my last grow... We both probably should have left them for another couple weeks to let the resin glands and bud form fully. I've heard some peoples crop drying out atleast 30% by chopping it down early. You always want to just give it a little longer even if you think it's the right time. You can also look up strain information online, I know you said it was bag seed.. but your next grow.. Take a look into seeing how long flowering normally is for that precise strand. :)
  3. how many days from seed did you harvest?
  4. No idea how old she was, friend had it In his yard for the last month. I was thinking i needed to harvest because we were just hit by a huge frost that almost killed her and we had another coming in and im in FL so 30 was gunna be Pretty cold for her. Thanks for the link and answers guys next time I'll have a microscope so i can really see when the times right. Also ill count the days and try to get a good dro strain seed .. But i dryed her out and she's in a mason jar you think she'll atleast be a decent smoke? I vaped a little of it and it wasnt bad but wasnt strong..
  5. That looks like all leaf to me, and very little actual bud.   Calyxs did not stack and definitely aren't swollen.....I'd say it was harvested early along with nutrient deficiencies that did not allow for proper bud growth.  

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