Harvested: seedsman white widow

Discussion in 'Bud Shots' started by a526003b, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. I just harvested 1 of my seedsman white widows tonight and here she is!
  2. Daaamn those buds are looking dank! Good job on the grow man.
  3. thats one hell of a cola man, nice work
  4. Thanks for the comments guys! I cant wait for it to finish drying!!!
  5. That's a muhfuggin cola, yo. GotmuhfugginDAMN.

    Good stuff
  6. Awesome Plant dude!Love it,Also how much did it weigh?
  7. Thanks! I must say though... im not very pleased with the leaf to calyx ratio...
    I am going to get a dry weight tonight. I think it will land between 1.4Oz.-1.7Oz.
    This was my runt, the other widow will easily give me over 2.
    Here is a shot of her big sister... should be ready in a couple weeks.

  8. I agree. That is some leafy assed nugget. Have fun with that trim work!
  9. Well its a real bummer... dry weight was only 24 grams, and to top it off I just found out that it was a god damn hermy! After it dried I was breaking it up and found a few beans and a couple bananas inside it.

    I dont know what the deal was with these but none of the shit I have harvested from any of this seedsman white widow pack have been very good... infact they have given me the worst quality plants that I have ever grown including bag seed grows.
  10. Gorgeous! I wish I could smoke that:smoke:
  11. just a few seeds doesnt mean hermie.. right?
  12. Right, I arrived to that assumption because there are no males present and I found banana pods hiding inside the foliage. Man it pisses me off just to think about it anymore.

  13. Damn dude that sucks!Hope it works out next time man :(
  14. Just harvested her her big sister (looks a bit better) and here she is.
    Hope its better then the last piece of shit seedsman widow.


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  15. I am growing this same strain right now. I just started it 4 weeks ago and I am growing via DWC. Was yours nute sensitive or could she handle a high dose? I am having trouble finding that sweet spot.

    Also, how long did you veg and flower for?

  16. Veged for 4 weeks
    Flowered for.... a completely rediculous 13 weeks (Still didnt look done)
    Fed the recomended fox farm ammounts but at the end bumped it up to a tablespoon of Tiger bloom + 4 drops of superthrive/gal. They took whatever I could throw at them.

    Very importantly you might be able to improve quality if you trim the shit out of them in their late veg./early flowering periods. The plant is completely overcrowded with leafs.

    These genetics are totally wack and Honestly I would recommend saving yourself the time and aggravation by just destroying them immediately... and Im bieng serious.

    Total waste of electricity and nutes... The final product is barly smokable (to my standards). Tastes like shit and my sage plants have more crystals lol. This has been the worst growing experience I have ever had...
  17. point taken...no to Seedsman! that flowered for WAY longer than any WW should

    i've seen a lot of people with great Nirvana WW's though. IIRC Rmpleforeskin has a mother originally from nirvana
  18. And Nirvana's WW seeds are the same (or less) price.

  19. I'm stickin with Mr. Nice's Black Widow. Forget all these knock-offs, it's just not worth it
  20. I brutally murdered the rest of the White Shitdows that I had flowering... im not wasting my nutrients on that shit. Got some HOG, Querkle, Cataract Kush, and Pure Power Plant clones to take their place. Nice variety :)

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