Harvested buds looking,.. UN-dense?

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  1. So I recently harvested my first crop of Northern Lights, all females, and I felt a lil less then sure of what I was doing. They've been drying for 2 days now (in a very dry climate) and although the outsides of the buds are dry and even brittle the stems have yet to crack when bent. The smoke is awesome, a real heady high, but I think the buds are lacking in density. Does this matter if I were to sell some? I mean weight is weight and good smoke is good smoke but what do you all think? Anyone ever bought weed that looked like this? Maybe it's just how NL looks?

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  2. Those look like uncut diamonds they are beautiful underneath just trim of all that excess leaf around the buds and you could very likely get top $$$ for your bud Congrats!!
  3. Man if i cut anymore off (which is pretty impossible at this point there so dry on the outside) I'm gonna be down to stem,.. there only like an inch wide at most, I can see right through um! :confused:
  4. the only time buds look bad are if they are covered in mold, are bricked up, or are laced.

    I can honestly say`I've never hear someone complain about the density of their bud. And bag "size" appeal is normally better than bag "weight" appeal. If you buds are weighing out light, the person who buys off you are going to think subcontiousionaly that you hooked them up because their bag looks fuller than the other person who gave them the same amount of "weight" but had fewer amount of buds in it.
  5. Good point.... thanks man. I got an idea to moisten up the overly dry outside and compress the buds at least a bit. So at least I wont end up with a bag full of dust at the bottom :rolleyes:
  6. "Those look like uncut diamonds they are beautiful underneath just trim of all that excess leaf around the buds and you could very likely get top $$$ for your bud Congrats!!

    True, Well said brayden420!

    Just trim off the bits of leaf ....

    I find when drying, when the outside seems dry, put in a airtight container for half/full day, this brings the inside moisture to the outside, and you have beautifull dried properly buds.
  7. what kind of light did you have on these during flowering, may be a contributing factor...
  8. 40,000 lumen's of CFL light was used during flowering for the 4 plants. Buds weighed in at just under 12oz wet Thursday night and now Saturday night I bagged up 4oz of dry. :eek: This desert climate really drys it out fast I guess...

    Tell me what you guys think of the pic. I plan on unloading 3 of the bags and keeping the bag of popcorn buds at the top of the pic for me since I grind it up before I smoke it in my vaporizer anywayz. Do they look like good size ounce bags?

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  9. yeah how much you sellin an O for?
  10. yea whats a zip of that?
  11. first off does it LOOK like a good zip or what? aint like ive ever sold one before so ummm you guys tell me! :)

  12. I read right through your journal last night and I gotta say - why are you bothering to get into selling? You didnt plan on selling when you started your grow, you said you just wanted to smoke some of your own grown weed. Is it really worth it? You got a nice bit of stuff there, but not TOO much. Why not just be happy and keep it all for yourself?
  13. first thing first, we've already established when the buds were real thin that the people arent going to complain as long as weight is right. the bud looks fine, and the bag looks fine... as long as it weighs 28 grams plus the bag, then its gonna be straight.

    as for selling some of it. im a personal believer in getting your moneys out of it. even if you dont sell all three bags, at least however much you have into this project. just be smart if you do.

    id definatly smoke more than just that one bag though :)

    so now YOUR turn how much?

  14. in the UK you would pay anywhere between £150 - £200 GBP depending on the quality of your gear, there is talk around here of £10 GBP a gram seeing as there is a drought on.

  15. Only reason id sell some is 1) cuz i have a good buyer i can trust and 2) I enjoyed growing so I'm gonna do it again and wont need 4oz for myself till next crop. I know the guy knows his shit though so before I go to him with what Ive got I just wanted to ask about it's quality/appeal first here. I completely agree with you doindia, Id love to recoup some of my money for the first grow and help afford some stuff like a good pH tester for my next grow,.. which will prob be a PC case grow btw. I'm not looking to make top dollar off it so I was thinking 300 a zip, and maybe only sell two bags if I get that price. That sound right?
  16. yeah man that's what i'm going to do, just get rid of two oz's and get my money back then just sit on it and smoke for the next couple months. congrats on your grow i think it looks badass.
  17. try to get some better shots of the buds, like some close up etc.. a good strain of northern lights wouldnt hesitate to go for 60 and 8th around here. i would say 350-400 a bag
  18. i guess it all depends on how saturated the market is. 350 sounds about right. 300 is usually for some no name beasters. you've definately got some nice shit. as long as it wasnt harvested early and it was flushed properly there should be no reason not to pay that. good luck and nice nugs.
  19. The prices quoted on here seem way too high. One guy from Uk said between 150 to 200 GBP. Thats just way off - unless he's talking about a price for ALL that stuff that the guy is planning on selling. But if he means just one bag then that price is wrong. In UK its ususally 30 pounds an ounce for grass (though you often will not get a full ounce in a bag). I dont know what the price is in US but it must be similar. $300? per zip?
  20. I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to be talking about selling man.

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