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  1. A mate of mine said that when you to get a good harvest you need to grow 7 harvests. And each time plant the bud in the soil to make a good soil mix. personally I think he is full of shit as I have been researching it fro 3 weeks and no one else had mentioned it, however he does smoke alot more pot then me so I was wondering is he write or wroung.
  2. I'd say he's full of it :)
  3. In other words, your friend was saying that if you reveg/reflower your plant seven times your harvest will be super-super-dank-a-licious? Well, sorry to say, but your friend is full of shit.

    MJ plants are only capable of being reflowered two times after the initial harvest. The second harvest will be less and about half as good, the third being about the same amount but schwaggy. It's more reasonable an idea to do a mother plant & clones or just seeds.

  4. Salright, I thought he was full of it. You see personally I dont think to many peeps who are stonners would go to that effort cheers guys

  5. Now, I wouldn't as far as saying that; Even as a total pothead, I still go through as much effort as I can when it comes to my plants, cause I know they'll just send me that much love back at harvest time. It's worth it putting the extra time into them.

  6. Yeah but my mate is lazy. And he is looking for excuse's I 'm gonna get him ta read this page, someone tell him an inersting fact that will convince him to grow. Please I need youlls help
  7. Something to get more people growing? Here's a little encouragment.

    Probably the best thing to happen since I started growing was actual saving of my money. I no longer need to spend money on weed, but rather spend a little money here and there for maintenance and just grow my own weed. Not to mention that you always have any amount of bud on hand.

    You don't have to sell any weed to make your money back; rather, you will instead be saving the money you would otherwise be spending on weed. If you're sticking with Mary Jane for the long-term, I would highly suggest growing. Not to mention it's great fun.

  8. how do you make your plants reflower and harvest them a second and third time because i need to know
  9. use the search button, and type in "Reveg"........or "Regeneration"..........i've posted a few, and seen a few on it before.........Peace out..........Sid

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