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  1. Indica/sativa mix under 12/12 for the last 8-9 weeks, about 50% of the hairs on the colas have turned orange(% increases further down the stem) and the buds are full and ripe but basically all of the trichs are still clear. I bought a 60x microscope from radio shack and trim tiny pieces of bud leaf to inspect the trichs more easily and they all look clear to me. Am I being over anxious or what's the deal here?
  2. Could take more time. Just be patient and wait for 50/50 Milky/Amber
  3. Any chance I'm misreading the trichomes or is it a very blatant color change?
  4. Just wait for them to turn milky (which is a blatant change from clear) then 50% amber. It will be very noticeable.
  5. Youll definitely know when its milky. Clear is CLEAR, like a drop of water. Milky is, well, milky.
  6. I get that but I was also checking out my jorge Cervantes book for the same thing and the examples all look about the same with just a subtle hint of cloudiness and the amber one just had an amber colored light on it. The only reason I ask all this is the trich heads are very ripe and glassy but they basically always look clear.
  7. Ive been looking at my trichs for what seems like forever, at least 3 weeks. been flowering for about 8 weeks. just the lasat couple of days i noticed some amber. once you can recognize the difference between the colors its pretty obvious. my last grow i harvested in stages for "scientific purposes"....i couldnt wait. I never really made it to a good amber count. Now I know and will be waiting. I suggest you do the same
  8. Maybe this will help you....


  9. nice post with good picures just hat i needed
  10. I like photos also.....


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