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  1. So this is my first grow ever where buds actually produced so I want to harvest when buds are just milky trichomes because I prefer the headlifting energetic high over the sitting on the couch all day and sleeping I know it's more about strain but trichomes color also so I will post a pic you let me know what you think it's week 6 of flower and bag seed under cfls but only week 6 since I turned lights 12\12 2016030795151733.jpg
  2. The reason I'm so mixed about this is because I can see clear cloudy and amber tricomes so I just want it to be decent smoke for me that's all I'm using it for is daily smoke
  3. Post a pic of the whole plant but those pistols tell me it ain't ready.
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  4. It's not letting me add pics
  5. Give it a sec when uploading, the system hiccups sometimes

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  6. I have tried like 30 times anything from my phone it won't let me upload I use to be able to but not since new update only pic I could upload earlier I used my wife's phone
  7. I think u need bout another week

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  8. Why won't the phototherapy thing work now ?
  9. If I use my wife's phone and take the pic and send it to myself it works but if not jpg image don't work tech please help
  10. It's at about 50\50 white orange atm
  11. Almost....I'd say another week
  12. So should I be flushing already?
  13. Also I have no dehumidifier and am not financially in a place to afford to buy one so exactly how can I dry and cure buds without getting the hay taste? I want the best method possible to keep the most flavor. I only used very little fertilizer and only for like 5 weeks did I use it? Any suggestions on ways to cure and dry without a dehumidifier? I do have a fan and my room itself humidity stays between 40-50% could I just run a line and dry in there? I need to know everything possible because it is my first time and don't want to ruin anything. And would like to say thank you to everyone on this site it has been a awesome resource in my grow
  14. This site has a great curing guide.

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  15. I'd say that plant is less than half done based on bud size and development, wait until all pistols have turned before you begin flush and then harvest when they have receded and the calyx's have swollen.
  16. OK so now some people say 1 week and your saying longer so what do I do?
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  18. OK so I harvested one stalk and am in drying process but the stalk was just a side branch (thank god) now after trimming and smelling and examining I have to agree that I should leave it about 2-3 more weeks at least which means about 9 weeks in flower from light turn total my other smaller plant I also put into flower still nothing but white and buds are gotten larger daily I just wasn't seeing it because I see them everyday so I had someone else come to my location which is my s\o and they were surprised how much larger they have gotten in a week so I feed them again just the haul back and fourth to the location is tough that's why I was so eager but I don't want to harvest too early thanks everyone for your perspective and it all helps
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  19. So can you show me exactly what you are saying because this is the first time I have ever grown succesfully?

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