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  1. Hi all,
    I’m on day 65 of flower now of my first grow and I’m just wondering whether I should water before I cut them down?
    Iv been giving them just water and flawless finish for 9 days now.
    I’m thinking of doing it tonight or tomorrow depending on how the trichs look tonight.
    I’m growing in coco and have been feeding daily/twice daily when I have time.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. These are pics from 2 days ago, I’m going back have a look soon when the lights come on

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  3. Not ready in my opinion. Look like there's at least a minimum of 2 wks left
  4. Pics are a couple days Old and they are pretty terrible to be honest I’ll try get some better pics soon when I water✌️
  5. I didn't even look at the trich pics till now. I only looked at the bud. Your trichs look like they are on the sugar leaves. And there are still a ton of clear. You started your flush way too soon imo. When you say day 65 of flower, is it from when you flipped to 12/12 or when it started budding?
  6. It’s day 65 since the flip bro, the breeder says 9-10 weeks including transition period.
    The pic of the bud is only a low down side branch, the pic here is one of the main colas just now.
    Not sure to be honest because I’ve heard some strains don’t turn Amber at all? I’m sure I can see at least a couple Amber here and there though. Maybe I’m just being hopeful though lol.
    Thanks for the reply!

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  7. U should just now be flushing if not wait another week or w but since u already flushed id chop n get all then dry dead leaves off so ur buds dont taste like that but u might as well go ahead n chop imo

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  8. Would I be affecting my yield at all be chopping it now?
  9. Well breeder times are usually off by a couple weeks. You aren't growing in the same environment and possibly growing using a different technique. I'm guessing by it being only 65 days from flip, you are probably closer to 4 wks away. It is what it is at this point. I'm a soil grower and I'm not sure how you would go about your situation, but I do know when a plant isn't ready to harvest. Not bashing. Congrats on making it this far on your first grow. If you harvest now, your yield will be less and less potent. But you'll get smoke.
  10. Here some pics from just now

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  11. Looks good to me but that's just imo I see a good amount of amber for my preference

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  12. Nope I understand you’re not bashing bro don’t worry I appreciate the advice.
    Iv read before leaving them in darkness for a few days will help?
  13. Yeah see i only see a few cloudy trichs,,if u wanna try n push em more u can try n add ur nutes again and play it ear by ear and just keep checking them its gonna be up to u at the end of the day man but chop or add nutes and try n keep em going ull need to do either one asap imo

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  14. Yes,,before chop u can leave them in total darkness for 24-48hrs suppose to help with resin production

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  15. Thanks for the reply bro!
    Think I need to invest in a digital microscope, it’s so hard to get a decent picture, iv been using a phoneoscope.
    I got this pic of one of my plants and it looks like there isn’t a single clear at all.
    I’m not sure though, it’s stressful asf this because every pic I take looks different✌️

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  16. Yes get u a scope,,, and any php/pm pens or anything u may need while ur at it

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