Harvest time?

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  1. Hey guys first time growing an autoflowering strain and im coming close to harvest time. Im on my tenth week of flowering, but my plants have gotten HUGE, and its getting really tough to do water changes without damaging any branches. I dont have any experience with autos, and this strain has grown especially weird as far as my experience knows. My problem is i dont have the loupe i normally use to look at my trichs. Could someone take a look at these photos and try to let me know if im close and can start flushing? I normally flush 1 week with my hydro setup, then let it go and sit in the dark for a day. Any input would be much appreciated. 20170724_164356.jpg 20170724_164407.jpg 20170724_164427.jpg
  2. Nearly done id say, 10 weeks especially the pistils are throwing me off on how much theyre sticking out. A loupe would be great but 3 days wont hurt either.

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  3. Its been a really weird grow with this one, definitely my last time with autos. But the bud looks good at this point so I cant complain. May have to flush this weekend either way. Tents getting out of control unfortunately.
  4. Thanks for the input!
  5. I grow autos regularly and i can say
    Seed phenos matter a lot.

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