Harvest time is upon us, please help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Recentrippin, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. Ok! Im starting to get very excited, harvest must be sometime this week. We got three plants flouishing right now, Hindu Kush, Morning Star, and Blackberry. THe morning star is most mature, with about 70% orange hairs and the HK and BB about 50% orange.

    Now we've been doing our research, as we should, being first time growers. We've heard so many methods as to harvesting, drying, and curing. We plan on choppin, and hangin' the entire plant in my closest and dryin for a few days. We plan to cure in mason jars for a week or so, opening the jar every day for 10 minutes or so.

    OK, we have a couple questions.

    1) We heard that before we cut we should put the plants in two days or dark, so the plant can release all its goodness, making it more better. Is this true? False? Or just another method?

    2) We also heard that waiting for orange hairs to be a certain % is BS, and we should be paying attention to the crystals, not hairs. ??

    So, we come to a pivital point, to chop today? To chop this weekend?

    Thanks for any help!

    K & P
  2. Also, should the drying/hanging plants have a fan in closet? This helps against mold, does it not? Is air flow neccessary in the drying closet?
  3. are ready to harvest. Once the hairs start to turn red faster than new ones are growing it is Harvest Time!!! Your plant is ripening faster than it is growing new hairs. You can also take a 30 power microscope or a real good magnifying glass to look at the resin. The hairy like resin is basically pure THC. What you want is for these TRICHOMES,as they are called,is to start to become cloudy but not dark. The end of each Trichome will also have a mushroom shaped head at the tip. Or you can go the easy route and go by the red hairs. I*f more than half are red it is Harvest Time!!! Peace!!!!!

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