Harvest time? Feedback pl0x

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  1. jw how much you guys usually harvest now and then?

    im planning on starting to grow soon but im wondering how much u usually get out of 1 full grown plant?

    or if i were to grow like 5 plants*all northern lights*
  2. depends... what set up u use... what nutes u use.... how big they are... what form of technique u use... space u use... bunch of shit makes any grow vary a lot
  3. i figured that, just wanted to see what everyones yeild was based on whatever setup THEY have is based on 1 plant

    like ... if uve ever grown a plant before... and seeing as this is the GROWING section, HOW MUCH in WEIGHT did u harvest? from (1) plant

    *hope thats a bit clearer
  4. Like Cody said it depends on so many factors the largest one indoors being the size of your pot. I grow with a pot that is a maximum of two gallons. The two gallon is the biggest pot I can handle right now physically. With that small pot size I get about an ounce to 1.5 ounces per plant. That's if vegged for maybe 6 weeks from seed 3-4 weeks from clones. If you are good and grow with a 25 gallon pot you can get a pound per plant. It mostly depends on the size of your pot and lights used indoors.
  5. ok then wow after 5 days of having this topic open ive gotten feedback from 1 person.....

    so u say 1oz-1 & 1/2 oz is what u usually harvest? awsome

    any others?
  6. A little over an ounce. Then again I have a somewhat limited setup and only 2 grows under my belt.
  7. With a 150w HPS, one bagseed female, some basic fox farm nutes, and one small fan I achieved almost two ounces, 1oz 20g I believe. Slightly LST'd. Chopped a little early I think, but I probably would've reached the full 2oz mark if I'd waited...
  8. 400wHPS can give you 4-8oz/plant, hydro
  9. I've seen 1 pound plants grown by VERY EXPERIENCED people in hydro. Let me say that again, VERY EXPERIENCED GROWERS. I newer person, with one plant, and a decent light, you'd be lucky to get 1/2 a Z
  10. lmao. please think before you post.
  11. You took the words right out of my mouth. Err. fingers. It's very possible to get a pound per plant if you know what you're doing, but on a first attempt, you probably should plan on getting less than an ounce per plant, probably less than a half.
  12. Hey,
    I posted the It's harvest time. Here's my info. Grow in soil, Ferts are Earth juice, 4-600 watt HPS, 4 gal pots, plants approx. hieght at harvest is 2.5 ft and I yield 3-4 oz. per plant dry.
  13. ill post what i get from my one plant under 400w and hydro ... but i cant see less than 4. but i did loose two colas for diff reasons...

    hoast, i invite you over to my journal sometime (to look... dont speak). but right now, i wanna rip on you, cause

    a) i dont like your post to me...

    b) im tired of stupid people like you who post threads/pics every time they get a bag. ooo, a gram of weed... look at how 'dank' it is!!! okok... i can see your excited to get a break from your parents and all that...

    c) when i cheked out your started threads, you sound like a lil kid!

    "when i was sick, my mom took care of me..."

    and double posting stupid questions about how often you drain your 5-gal bucket.

    -ah hey, lemme answer your stupid question... depends on how big your plant is and what stage its in, dip. so, take me for example... see, i grow bud... unlike you... but anyway... so my plant, shes drank more and more as shes gotten bigger - wow... so to answer, it depends.

    but hey, keep posting 10x a day, and anybody can look like an authority figure on these damn forums... im so tired of answering the same stupid questions. guys, i dunno when ill be back... maybe just to tell hoast here my final weight...
  14. maybe you should take your own advice.

    4oz is easily attainable with a 400WHPS and hydro setup. For an experienced grower and a larger DWC or something, 8oz off a plant with a HPS would not be unrealistic either. Does it happen often, probably not. But I've had some monster yields depending on the plant.
  15. Just because its someone's first grow, doesn't mean they will get a shitty yield.

    A lot depends on your setup and how much you're willing to spend to grow some nice buds.

    My first grow was done in the same cabinet that I am using now, and with a 150W HPS light, and with two plants I had a final weight of 2.75oz.

    Not too bad for a first grow. :bongin:

    That works out to about 1.4oz per plant.
  16. Stoner,
    I know the question was how much do WE get when growing a plant but, since you are on your first grow you will probably not get as much as US or up to potential. Being that this will be your first grow, don't worry about what the other guys yield, worry about reading up on all stages of plant growth. The more you read and learn at the begining, the more your plants will benifit. Even then, don't expect that you will be yielding a one pound plant. Figure about an ounce per plant plus or minus a little bit for a first grow.
  17. Wow, what the fuck are you talkin about? You're the idiot going around posting to people "If you buy a 400 watt hps you'll yield 6 ounces per plant! go get one now its insta-bud!" I was correctiong you because you sounded like a fucking idiot who read up on HPS lights and thinks the world of them. While I was saying it depends on lots of shit, you could use a 150 hps and yeild that much if you're doing it right.

    a) I do grow
    b) I could care less how much you yeild
    c) When the hell did I post a picture of gram of weed? If anything, I've posted pictures of ounces I've gotten.
    d) I could also care less if I sound like a kid.

    Anyways. I'd rather spend my time typing to a more respectable person, so, you wont see any more posts from me in this thread.
  18. hey red dread i agree with u and i like your plants they are lookin great i just cant tell what are u growing in (room) it almost looks like they are in some kind of box or something? it is also funny as fuck how you named a plant queen latifah big plant needs a big bitches name

    if ne one knows i want to post pics of my grow on the city but i dont know how to make the picture smaller in memory size not a computer genius but if someone could help it would be much appreciated thanks
  19. hey newgrow, hehe, thanks man, i was hoping she'd fill out like the Queen herself... but i actually had to chop her a long while ago :( ahh, good memories, thou :)

    so Lunah (named cause i knew she was gonna be tall, 'shes reachin for the stars'... shes growing in my cab i built... its 4'x2' and 6'tall. then i have it sectioned off, so i have a veg and flower 'room' on the left and right, respectively, each 2x2' footprint. the left compartment is 4'tall, the veg cab, and above it sits my power center and fan, drawing from both cabs and out my carbon filter. the other is 2x2x6 and is where l flower my monsters, hehe.

    uh... for pics... i go into paint, and Image - across from file, edit.. - and then stretch. i do like 25%, to knock my pics down in size. hope this helps, feel free to pm me anytime... keep it green, peace

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