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  1. What do you guys think? I was going to harvest probably this saturday...the plants with the yellowing leaves is Lemon G and the other is Bubblegum. Both were told took 55 days...Might take them a little longer.You guys think they'll still fill out some more? And oct 1st is day 55 of flowering

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  2. also....I like the narcotic high which is why I was going to pull them a little later then usual...but for the BG pics(pics with green leaves still) shouldn't the leaves be dieing off if it finishes in 55 days like the lemon G is?
  3. They look awesome man. Good job. As far as knowing when to harvest, just go down to your local Radio Shack if you have one close by, and pick up their 60x - 100x magnifying glass. Its like $12 I believe. Then you can look at your trichs. If mostly cloudy, then you are ready, but if you are going for the couch lock high, then you will want to wait until u see lots of amber colored trichs through the glass.

    But your buds look glorious man. You did a really good job. + rep.
  4. yes very nice indeed
  5. I ordered a 30x loupe and I don't think it is strong enough. I'm gonna have to attach it to the camera to get some pics of the trich's...
  6. and my other question....for my last few harvest's when the plants were getting close to done the fan leaves started to yellow(like in the first pic)....doesn't this mean thats when the plant is putting on the most weight because it thinks its about to die? I'm wondering because the BG still has all green leaves but the trich's are about 50/50 so far...
  7. Nice looking girls!

    I am on day 40 of my supposed 56 day superskunk... I hope that in two weeks they will look as fat as your buds!

    If your plants are already 50/50 amber/cloudy (ones without yellowing leaves), then I would say Harvest is very near ;) If your really looking for the narcotic stone, then waiting another day or so then planned never hurts:smoke:

    I have also been told that cutting light back to 11:13 in the last week will induce the buds to give one final push. I have also heard of people putting it in dark for over 24 hours before they harvest to really frighten the plants.
  8. Yeah, I think you could pull the one with the yellowing leaves about now. As long as they have good crystalization and the fan leaves start wilting, you should be good to go. If you're really looking for a heavy stone type high, you should just wait as long as you can. It's not like the buds are going to suck the tricromes back in. I got a 60x-100x handheld microscope for like $12, so I would definately recommend getting one of those. They're really the best way to know for sure where you're at as far as type of high.
  9. Thanks guys...I want to cut the light back to 11/13 but I have half of my plants that I dont think will be ready for at least another week....Do you think this would still be a good idea? Thanks guys
  10. Bump for the 11hour light 13 hour darkness on my remaining plants.I've learned alot from this forum,and now this is my 4th successful grow and I'm still learning....I love this place lol
  11. buds look fantastic dude. As far as the 24 hours of darkness, I would actually leave them in the dark for the final 48 hours. Doing so will cause the plants to pack on some extra resin and make them that much more delicious. Whatever you decide, I'm sure the budski's will be the bomb!
  12. The allegedly 'green plant' is dying too, just look at the extremes of any leave...slowly turning yellow all the way. They could still go a few days, to a week, longer than the first one.

    I'm about there with my Auto White Russian and was wondering whether cutting the leaves now would help - they are dying anyways.

  13. Yeah like badaxe said it's ALOT better to go to raideo shack 13$ 60x- 100x the one with da light you WILL NEED it.... I was in fa same pradicament 3 days ago BUT I know win they'll B ready like the way I want them like you as well couch LOCK!!! :smoke:Amber all the way!:smoke:75% to b exzact !!

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