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  1. So my plant should be ready in a week and I have reading up on harvesting. According to many, it is best to harvest in the morning. But I am confused as to the meaning of morning. Is it literally 6am everyday or is it based on each persons light schedule. Right now my lights are on 20 and off 4 because it is an autoflower. They come on at 1:30 pm and shut off at 9:30 am. Should I harvest at 1:30 pm right before the lights come on? Or should I do it at like 6 or 7 am.

    Also, I am planning the harvest for June 6th. I have to leave town on June 16. Should I:
    a)Harvest a little early.
    b)Harvest June 6 and let dry for 7 days and then cure for 3 in jars and then.... ????
    c)Dry for 4 days or something and cure longer?

    Will my bud go bad if it can't be "burped" for 5 days?

    Thanks guys, she's almost ready!

  2. First off you would harvest at 1:30 PM according to your light schedule, plants dont know the time difference between daylight outside when grow indoors on a different schedule.

    Second, I wouldn't plan to harvest but I would plan to wait untill harvest. Check the trich's as they will tell you when they are ready. If you are going out of town depending on how long I would wait until the day before you leave and harvest. Drying time should be done very slowly, in a a/c area like a closet with vents between 5-11. Temps betwen 65 and 75 degrees humidity under 55%. So if you will be back within that time frame then do this. If not then don't harvest until you come back.

    Lastly, you should cure for a minimum of 2 weeks, the longer the better. And yes your buds can potentially go bad if not burped for 5 days during the first week of the cure. There is still water in the middle of the buds and can create mold if left unchecked and destroy your crop.
  3. so ur leavin on the 16th for 5 days, so ur back the 20th ? I assume ur estimation of june 6th is based on what the seedbank told ya ? If so i dunno if leaving an autoflower strain for an extra 2 weeks in an option.

    Do u have any friends that could burp the jars ? 5 days without opening that quickly after a dry may cause bud rot alrite.
  4. lol I would never trust my friends to burp my jars. Thats like asking your dog to watch your steak. Think he won't eat it.
  5. i have a few friends i could trust to do it .... depends how many ur harvesting, say we'll smoke the **** out of it when ya get back, and not to touch in the meantime.

  6. Yeah the june 6th harvest is 9 week mark. But checking the trichs today, they seem 40% amber and the rest cloudy so i might harvest a bit sooner. I have one friend who might be worthy, but still, I cannot trust anyone haha

    I guess I was wondering if there were any "tricks" i could use.
    Example: Drill a small hole in the jar lid so some air exchange takes place but doesnt dry the bud too quick.

    I dont know if that would actually work, I am just looking for something along those lines hah
  7. harvest in the middle of night before the sun rises. Once the light starts to shine on the plants lots of activity will go on as the plant starts to wake up and move things around. your buds will have the best flavor before the plant is "woken up." Also, i would say cut the branches off and trim one at a time, so that if you decide u want the plant to go a little longer you dont have to regret chopping it all down.
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    Tricks? Wouldnt risk it man. I can smell the mold already.

    And yeah, take the buds one at a time. Shit, cut the top half down and let the bottom mature a nother week of two if thats what you haft to do.

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