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  1. Hey I just gave most of my plants their last fert but there's a few bigger boys that I'm not sure of. They're bigger then the others and I'm not to sure if I should give then one more round of ferts before 2 weeks of flushing. I ordered a scope that hasn't seemed to come in yet. Here's some pics tell me what you think! Thanks!

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  2. And What's the fastest way to dry it out?
  3. What's work best for me is get a couple of fans and a humidifier.....dry in three days or less....
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    You shouldn't try to dry them faster, it will result in a harsh smoke. Drying should take 5-7 days usually, dry when the stems snap. Have air circulation but no air blowing on the buds.

    After taking a closer look at buds, they'll be ready soon. Start flushing asap. Good lucking buds by the way!
  5. 5-7 days is perfect. I was going to toss em in a dark space on hangers with a fan circulating with zero light. And you say that takes about a week? Also do you think that plant is good to start my 2 week flush?
  6. Drying alone yes. Then, you should cure for 2-4 weeks to get the most out of your product. Curing cannabis is like letting fine wine age. And yes
  7. Beautiful! Thanks a lot buddy I'll let Ya know how she tastes:)
  8. What BYOweed said about curing. Fucking up curing or just not doing it would be like spending 12 weeks to make something and then just destroying all hope of it ever being top quality last second.
  9. Gotcha! I've been reading the same all over the web. It's gota be done by the 28th so what do you suggest? Just cure it until I go?
  10. Well you have to make sure to flush it, then chop it and dry it in a dark room that is about 70-80 degrees. I saw someone say they use a humidifier, personally I use a dehumidifier because if I am trying to get the moisture out, I am not going to put more back into the air, but I have never actually researched if that's right.
  11. Curing is storing and burping in jars. So once you dry your plant, you can cure on the run

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