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  1. grew some girls from bagseed this winter under 400 watts of stand flouros in a 4x4x3 wood box in 16oz plastic cup. went pretty well for me first time. vegged for one month @ constant light and ended up with 23 girls after switching to 12/12 on march 1. grew 'em mainly for the tops and have harvested 9 so far and those harvested yielded 2.5- 6.5 grams/top dried...and the sh!t rocks, hehe.
    only problem is that it's been 10.5 weeks since forcing and i still have 14 girls left that are still makin flowers(although they've slowed considerably. some barely have any brown hairs at all and most have less than 40% of the hairs turned. individual flower buds and adjacent small leave have a nice frosting of resin with stalked glands and swelled heads.

    my Q- should i harvest the remaining tops now and forsake any more yield or should i keep em goin and maybe risk loss of potency?

    btw, had the 4' fixtures arranged in a horizontal plane over the plants (which i kept arranger by height) but after about 30 days of flowering made them into kind of a dome with the tall plant in the middle and short ones in adacent rows. this seemed to fatten the tops considerably.

    thanks in advance for any input.
  2. decided i gotta let em grow till at least 70% of the calyxes swell or the resin glands start to turn amber, whichever comes first.

    wonderin if the flouros are the cause for the extended flowering time. i knew they would effect density but not duration.

    anyway, pleased with results. over 1/4lb of killer smokeage in four months for less than $200 all told. bought an eighth of dense nugs today and the shit ain't even close to mine. homegrowin makes all the diff in the world. just wish i coulda got some in outdoors this year.

    thanks to Ed Rosenthal and all the other growers before me.

    peace like a mo fugga, owwwwwwwwt.
  3. just occurred to me that i have read that cutting the light back even further to 10 hours/day help speed ripening of Le Buds.

    anyone have any experience with this? with the underdeveloped calyxes swell to thier full potential??

    can ya tell i wanna cut these biches and be done with it???
  4. The night before I cut mine I leave the lights off for 24 hours.
  5. yeah, annnnnnnnnd???
  6. Personally I think you should just go ahead and cut the tops off now and my reasoning behind this is pretty much the same as yours...with just flouros the plant doesn't seem to mature all at once and if you wait to chop the whole plant at once you risk losing the potency of the top nugs...but it's really up to you.

    400W of all flouros is a lot, I can only imagine how you set up them 4' tubes.

    When you're getting ready to cut them make sure you do it when you first turn the lights, since the percentage of THC rises during the night and UVA/UVB rays will degrade THC...also stop watering altogether.
  7. dude, ya talked me into it!

    the last thing i wanna do is lose potency with what i got so far. i can rest peacfully knowing i may have sacrificed a few grams to do so.

    i really appreciate V's tip on leaving the lights off for 24 then cutting right at first light. makes a lot of sense to me.

    i will hold a private be-heading in me bedroom first thing saturday morning, yawl are cordially invited...bring yer own scissors, heh.

    take care.
  8. stop watering all together?...please clarify:)
  9. I have a plant that looks great. nice and bushy and loads of buds.
    The hairs are about 50% yellowed and some a little darker...getting really close to harvest time..

    With very close inspection i see no crystals anywhere on the plant around the buds nor near the baby leafs around the buds.
    Should I see cystals?

    I tried some of the buds in a dubbie and they make for suitable smoke. Should I wait around for crystals?

  10. Yea, unless the plant's leaves are completely limp...if you water near harvesting the longer the plant will take to dry out. Here's another reason straight from Ed Rosenthal's grow guide:

    Potency also fluctuates according to local weather conditions. Try to harvest after a period of clear, sunny weather. Potency may declining for several days after a period of cloudy weather or heavy rainfall. After a heavy rain, harvest the shoots a week or two later, since the shoots often peak in potency during a burst of fast growth.

    You can read it for yourself here.

    MOW the crystals (trichomes) are the mushroom-type things you see in my pic...this plant was harvested a few days later.

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  11. hey whats up guys, im also growing with Floro, but not tubes.. here is a top view of my plant inside the set-up, and another to show the flowers... in 3 days its going to be 2 weeks of flowering using 10-60-10. so far so good.. and likethe guy be 4 me said.. i cant see any crystals anywhere yet, not even on the smaller leaves around it... when can i expect that to happen??

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  12. here she is

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  13. My plants usually start crystalizing in the last 3-4 weeks
  14. Secneek, get a magnifying glass and look very closely at the new growth......around there should be some crystals.....very minute, but they should be there........Peace out........Sid
  15. yea i did that today sid, i can see a lot, but only with the magnifying glass, even then i had to look extra hard. and i was wrong, i started to flower on 5/4/03 and today is the 19th so thats 2 weeks 2 days.. but im also growing with floro.. anyways
    can anyone tell me what kinda plant i have.. or what it looks like.. cause when i finish it. im not gonna know what to tell the people im smoking with, what kinda trees they are besides "some shit that i grew"
  16. early days yet.....lots of time for some good buds to develop and then you'll prob be able to see the crystals with the naked eye........as for strain....where did you get the seed from?.......if you know then ask........if not make it up, if you need to.......post a pic when it's ready to harvest and some blades may be able to pinpoint it for you.....unlikely though, but we may be able to get it down to a few strains, and choose from there...........Peace out.......Sid
  17. thanks a lot Sid, glad to get a quick responce.. anyways, i got the seed from this bag of dank. where im from the word Dank is anything better than midgrade, anything over 50$ and 8th, even though it might be ganny or hydro.. but this shit i had was white/purple and coated in crystals, and the buds smelled like a fresh pine tree being cut down, like pinesol almost.. and it was the only seed in the whole Oz.. very very small seed.. planted her and this is what i got

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  18. another shot... sorry i keep takin pics n shit.. im just in love with her! haha

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  19. looks nice, hey I would call it Secneek strain,
    lucky bastard got a female with one seed,

    Good job
  20. u know, thats a damn good idea Nik.. i mean i got very lucky!
    1 seed, and a lot of determination!!! Thanks to all of you. seriously.. If i didnt come across this sight my plant would have been deadddd... so i guess her new name is "SECneek" im really serious about sending the people who helped me out, a bong hit in the mail!! my friend from cali sends me trees through mail all the time. it will work!!!!!!! peaceeeee

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