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Harvest Fest

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dave28, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Any seasoned tokers going to harvest fest in maine this year ? It's a low key festival so i wouldn't expect many..but you never know.
  2. i'd like to go.............. i just bought tickets for the harvestfest in hancock new york. same deal..... a chill, small(er) festi. only 70$ for the whole weekend. and unlike many other festies, they allow sunday overnight camping even though music is done sunday. most festies have u leave sunday.... but this one lets u stay that night and groove out or whatever until monday morn.

    the smaller festies are so much better. more intimate and less hectic. the vibes was awesome.... but way too many heads. it seems the vibes grows by 5000 heads a year

    how much are tickes for the maine harvestfest??
  3. 60 beforehand and 70 at the gate. I belive the fest youre going to is happening on the same weekend. the 5th through the 8th correct? Harvest starts early on thursday, but im sure they give you the boot at some point sunday afternoon. I was really thinking of going to the one in New York because its bigger than harvest (has about 2k heads through the whole weekend) but still not as blown up as roo and gotv. maybe next year ill go to ny. is where you can get tickets.

    ya the vibes was awesome though, i went this year. i was all the way at the 11th marker on the beach. it ended up being the best camping area though because barely any security or bacon came through. only main problem was the nitrous mafia keeping us up all night long
  4. yea the NY one is the weekend of the 5th.

    My set-up at the vibes was DIRECTLY across from 5-0's basecamp. right at the end of park ave, the main entrance with the huge pillar gate... got through that and take a left towards the campsites....I was right against the fence, in the corner of the very first camping section. Right across from the area where the cig tent was and the ATM van, I had an ALF flag hanging up..... got a lot of feedback there about alf.

    yea i might hit up maine next year...since they're on the same date this year. I chose NY out of the two because I live in CT. As a matter of fact, I live in the town directly next to Bridgeport (vibes)....called Stratford. The NY harvest is much much closer to me.

    My favorite festies this year so far were moe.down8 and camp creek. the vibes was good too...but i've gone the last 5 or so years and it seems to lose a little something each year it gets bigger.
  5. thats cool, the vibes is the only blown up festival near where we live, so its better to go to that than roo, which i am trying to avoid at all costs....but if there is a really good line up i may be forced to go. what other good festies are there around our region besides camp creek and that other one?
  6. umm... theres wormtown ans strangecreek (strangefolk), camp creek and the vibes (terrapin), theres phanfest (not sure if it past), theres moe.down and sno.down (moe)

    check out i think they have a festi finder

    not sure how many of those have past. a lot of them are at either camp keewanee in mass or indian lookout c.c in ny (last years vibes)
  7. Nope, I'm on the left coast. We have plenty of weed events over here too like Cypress Hill's Smoke Out and Reggae on the River.

    Have fun at your fest!

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