Harvest! 64 days

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheLostOne42, Sep 28, 2022.

  1. Wish i was able to push these longer. But due to time constraints 9 weeks was the draw. I had some seeds i was waiting to mature. They seem to be dark enough and patterns on them. Many problems in late veg, late transplant, and flower deficiencies. But i got to chop with no losses except maximum potency probably. Time to mess with some real genetics next few runs. Exotic Genetics, Ethos, Humboldt, Fat Cat, Mosca, Aurora, and InHouse. Can't wait! What temp and RH do y'all dry at? Im at 55-60% RH and around 69f. Unfortunately can't get my temps any lower. 20220923_175413.jpg 20220923_175321.jpg 20220923_175306.jpg 20220923_175247.jpg 20220923_175239.jpg 20220923_175220.jpg 20220923_175103.jpg 20220923_174930.jpg 20220923_174919.jpg 20220923_175429.jpg
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  2. nice plants - from what I've seen, commercial shops run 60-65F and 55-60H
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  3. Thanks man! You're right from what I've read. Wish i had a portable ac to get it down that low. But guess most home growers settle for what they can.
  4. Nice lookin plants...to bad had to be takin early! A good week or so to go...nice job man.
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  5. Do you have to harvest all the plants. Cant one wait it out.They look real good.
  6. Yeah i need to get a new furnace done where the tent is lol. I dry in the same tent so i can't put it off much longer

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