Harshest weather conditions you've endured to get weed?

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    Just as the title asks, what's your story?

    Once, it was raining hard, and my dealer at the time couldn't make it out, so he sent a replacement guy. We agreed to meet up at a Kroger nearest to my house. I go over there, and at this time it's around midnight so the parking lot is empty.
    I'm standing under the roof to stay out of the cold when I see a car pull in not too far away from me. I continue to stand where I am for a few minutes and the car hasn't moved. Being stoned, I took that as a notion it was the guy. I walk to the car and open the door, and some women starts yelling at me asking what I'm doing.:eek: Embarrassed, I flee the scene.

    I get a call from the guy, and he had no idea of how to get to my area (he was at the wrong Kroger), so we agree to meet about a half mile away.

    Thunder and lightning booms and flashes constantly as I trudge through the rain. We eventually meet up, and I receive my dime. I return home drenched, but fulfilled, and not dead!:D:smoke:
  2. ^ lol for a dime
  3. try living in one of the coldest provinces in canada. I've ran through knee high snow in minus 40 weather to make it on time hahaha thats love
  4. Wow you guys are dedicated!

    I make sure I have reserves on hand, but dry spells do happen.

    For me, enduring LA traffic in primetime traffic hours to get bud is aggravating.

    2 hours to move roughly 12-15 miles, not fun when you have a 6 speed car.
  5. Iv been walking in some sleet./blizzard two feet snow to get to my dealer. Froze my face and hands off. But i made it and got my marijuana. GOOD TIMES!
  6. Gale force winds, fucking hurricane rain dude. The roads were white, the air was white, all i could see was fucking white. driving at about 3 mph so i dont flood out my engine.

    And the bad part was i didn't know where i was and my dealer didn't know where he was but we knew wer were close to eachother so everytime it stopped raining for 10 seconds we would have to quickly scan the road for eachother (we were the only 2 on it lol)

    Eventually i saw him drive passed me so i said fuck it and floord it through the street and got behind him. we parked in a lot and did the deed car to car. it was raining so hard that the money was soaked just by handing it to him and the rain almost pounded the bag out of my hand.

    Was one of the best 8ths i ever smoked.
  7. ^ almost the same story here man. I drove through hail and winds upwards of 60 mph to drive 40 min across town where my dealer lives, normally he is closer than that cause i'd drive from school but i was home, dry, and wanted to blaze so i went with it. It was on 4/20 and we smoked all night and morning just on a parking lot while it was raining hard but i had a good time but this one was memorable I'd do it again blades.
  8. We had a couple heavy snowfalls but I was from Maine previously so I just bundled up and walked the block to go to my dudes spot :D
  9. I remember last winter (I live in Canada) I took a one week t-break and on the day I planned to go buy herb, it started snowing so much I couldnt even see the freaking appartment building 100feet across mine.

    So I looked on the news and it said it was gonna keep snowing for another 2 days so I took my chances and went to my dealer's place. I didnt feel like waiting another 2-3 days until they cleared all the roads but fuck it was crazy driving up to his place. A drive that usually takes 10 minutes took me at least 30 and damn I was scared of having an accident. But hey it was worth it since nothing bad happened and I got something to smoke while we were literally stranded home for the next couple of days :bongin:
  10. Picture this lovely hot summers day. Rolling up a 3 skinner, no rain, wind or a cloud in the sky!

    A seagul shits away up in the sky lands right in mid roll all over my herb, it makes that annoying sound and flys away.

    Literally rolled it up n gave it to my friend but for giggles

  11. But it was oh so dank.:D
  12. A 4 hour walk in extreme rain there and back, About one hour in I found a lounge chair on the side of the road and used it as a hat :)
  13. a 3 hour walk/swim/run through a hurricane and about 6ft flooding. it was to celebrate 420 so i persevered and smoked me and my best bud smoked a blunt of white widow.

    i had to leave as soon as the blunt was done though because i had to get back to my own home before the hurricane got bad enough for me to maybe end up dead haha... it was worth it though.. good times..
  14. Last year, i will never forget. My friend came over and we were playing some black ops and decided to smoke up, my poor naive mind. I thought it would be a simple walk up the road to my dealers house whom i have known all my life.

    Little did i know, it was SPRINKLING!!! and to make matters worse! my dealer wasn't home and the girl that was there didn't let me in cause she thought i might smash up the house!!!!

    After facing this immense dilemma i fronted the sad reality that i had to walk back to my house and call my guy again. After the short, gruelling and quick conversation i trecked back!!! facing the harsh slight rain and mild winds!! back to the house of bud to receive my hefty bag of budzzz weighed up to his standard gram of 1.3g which i received off his friend which i didn't know was there.
    And then... i cannot disclose to you what happened next... but i will anyway. I walked home... and smoked... illegal deadly narcotics and ate a whole bag of chips. Yes my friends, these are the lengths a drug fiend will go to to get his next fix of the marihuana buds.
  15. Tornado's last 4/20 while going to my dealer's crib, we ended up smoking at least like 20 blunts in this guy's bathroom. Definitely in my top 3 sessions of all time.
  16. Walked half an hour there and back in 40+ degree heat, not a fun experience at all.
  17. Went out in a blizzard with a guy I used to know we got into an accident because some guy skid right through a red light into us. The guy I was with was really hurt but I wasnt at all and we were so close to the dealer that I just walked while he stayed with the car and waited for the ambulance. Got a nice sack, went to the hospital for a couple hours, then came home and blazed the night away. Bad part was the car turned out to be totaled .
  18. op..you did that for just a dime? hahah
  19. [quote name='"TheThrasherTM17"']op..you did that for just a dime? hahah[/quote]

    It wasn't originally supposed to be such a journey. The Kroger we were meeting at, is literally a few blocks from my house. The kid just had absolutely no idea where I was. So I figured I was already out in the storm, why not make the journey? It was worth it in the end. :)
  20. Blizzard, walked half a mile without a jacket. /: then walked back with 2oz. I was fine after that though :)

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