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harsh hits. j's or blunts

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skillzthatkillz, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. how come some times when your hitting either a joint or a blunt it hits very hard. is it cause theres too much paper? that doesnt make sense to me because the amount of paper is universal throughout the j.. (am i right)? or is it cause their a lot of weed in that spot? sometimes when im smoking a j it hits very hard and harsh and i don't feel like taking anotehr hit.
  2. It's probably cuz it's packed tighter in certain spots. Or maybe your throat is just sore from the last hit.
  3. Pinch the end when you inhale.
  4. That won't make a bit of difference. Try backrolling j's if you have a problem with harshness from the paper. Most likely the harshness is from the build up of resin on the paper. As you smoke a j or blunt resin builds up towards the end. As you progress the j/blunt inevitably becomes more harsh than when you started... the same as a dirty glass piece will be more harsh than a clean one.

    You could also be leaving small stems or seeds in the weed you roll and when those burn they are more harsh than the bud around it.
  5. That's very interesting. I roll my joints real tight, they occasionally get a little harsh near the end... but that's how a cigarette is for me too.
  6. Yeah... ever smoked a resin ball... it's kinda like that towards the end of a big j. Where from in MI? I'm in Kzoo.
  7. there usually pretty harsh when there coverd in resin, but also could be cause its tight in some spots
  8. I think the main reason its harsher towards the end is because the smoke has less time to cool down, Making it harsher.

  9. This.
    I personally hate joints because I'm don't smoke cigarettes and I just feel awkward holding one, but also the hit is super harsh. I'll only use joints if I have pre-rolled papers and as an absolute last resort. Also, it's easier to smoke a bowl inside since they aren't constantly giving off smoke, you know?

    To each his/her own, though.
  10. A well rolled joint only gives off as much as a bowl.

  11. Exactly. I prefer glass over paper any day.

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