Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows

Discussion in 'General' started by Boosh, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. I took my brother to get a copy for himself on the night that it came out, and I ended up getting a copy for myself, since I was gonna stand in line for an hour anyways. Ive been reading these books since they came out anyways, so I had to see how the series ends.

    Im about 3/4 of the way through the book, and its so enthralling! You dont wanna put it down!

    Anyways, if youve managed to finish the book (freak!) then post here and tell people what you thought about it.

  2. n, i stoped reading those after the 3 or fourth one, nothing happened that interested me or got me into them in the first place. i wanted cool magic fights and shit, but it was kinda the backdrop. and reading a fight sequences is pretty lame anyways. so, i wait for the movies. i didnt know the book was even out yet? or are the preorded ones coming in sooner or something?
  3. I just finished it this morning. I am only disappointed in one death.
  4. I got to page 230 thru e books (painful) before i got the book last night.
    Prolly gonna kill half to 3/4 today and finish it tomorrow.

    Definitely in my top 3. I think this might win 1st place, followed closely by the 4th and 5th.
  5. I got a torrent of it last night and read about half.

    It's okay. I'm reading it just for closure, and it seems to be more of a chore than for actual enjoyment.
  6. I told you not to post any spoilers you asshole. Hopefully I can get a mod to delete that.
  7. man i read the first to chapters last night, not to bad so far, i really want to get into the first death!
  8. the new harry potter book is out? :(
  9. little too cliche of an ending for me. if that ruined it delete my post.
  10. lol I'm waiting for the audiobook

    way more fun to kick back 'n laugh at just how schzophrenic stephen fry can get reading potter books
  11. dude, i love your avvy, +rep :D
  12. I finished it this morning, i wasent dissapointed.

  13. lmfao so you'd be happy being Hermione's bitch too eh? so you wanna be her 'face-chair' or a foot rest?
  14. "face-chair"

  15. ....damn....thats the gig I wanted but I'll settle for plain ol' chair *boing*
  16. i would want to be hermione's wand. absolute power, and, maybe, some late night snacking. i don't know if she's into that though. i figure she would be.
  17. Haha sorry :p Her wand... mmm lol. I wonder what she does with it. Does it vibrate?

    damn we're all internet pervs :( lol
  18. lol totally but hey who wouldn't love a nerdy sex crazed bushy haired girl dom'ing the hell outta them

    as for the wand...bet ya it's a combo of engorging charms 'n vibratus shaftus :p
  19. I just finished the book myself. Ive been reading these mother fuckers since I was reallly young. Its crazy to think that Ive finished the last book in the series. I personally, thought the 7th book was THE best one in the whole series. Now that Im done reading it I feel kinda blahed out because its done.

    Also, theres news and rumors around that there may be an 8th book on the way, an encyclopedia(sp) type deal, full of things that were left out of the other main books, that fills in gaps and explains more. If that comes out, Im gonna have to get that one too :D

    If Rowling writes anymore books, Ill be sure to buy them. Im interested to see what else she thinks of over the years.

    EDIT: Also Ars, Emma Watson (the bitch that plays hermione in the movies) definitely got pretty hot over the years from the first movie. :D
  20. Wow you guys, way to use those imaginations. ;)

    I may pick it up, right after i finish the six one, and then the fifth, and the the, no wait yeah fifth.

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