Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Entire Book Discussion (SPOILERS!~!~!~!~!)

Discussion in 'General' started by ChronicSmoke420, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. So I just finished it today and i cant see why anybody was upset about the ending. I Enjoyed the whole book verrry much the ending was cool. But Rowling did leave me with some questions and this thread is aimed to answer everyones questions!

    so i shall go first

    When harry gets hit with the killing curse did he actually die, or was it a dream, or was he unconcious, or dead then revived or WHAT!?!?!?!?
  2. I think he was in a state of mind that a wizard goes into once they have passed.

    Most do not have the ability to come back into reality because they do not have a part of them actually living in the real world. But Harry did, Voldemort, as was stated earlier in the book. Then there is the question that Voldemort died also from the Killing Curse he cast on Harry...? If he did than Voldemort would have had to come back from and then Harry, unless Harry also had a part of him living in Nagini which is possible because Harry and Voldemort shared alot, mentally and physically. I think its just too many questions toward the end, you have to take it how you see it. :)

    I also enjoyed the book very much, Chapter 31 till the end was absolutely mind-blowing. Goes down in my book as one of the best series ever, I wish J.K. would not stop here but I believe she has enough money to keep her sastified.....unfortunately.
  3. Boosh, you clearly said in your thread that you didn't want spoilers.

    The ending sucked because there was no closure for any of the characters but the four main ones. Where did all of the bodies go? What were the funerals like? How the fuck did Tonks die? JKR didn't answer any of that shit.

    And for another matter, what the hell happened to Hermione's parents? Did she go and bring them home, or are they still living in Australia with no idea that she exists?

    Don't get me wrong...I enjoyed the book. I still had fun reading it. But it was not the best book of the series...not by a fucking long shot. There were so many plot holes in this one you could fly a motorcycle through them.

    And how could she treat Snape's death that way? He died nearly alone in the Shrieking Shack and there was no mention of Harry or anyone going back for his body, but Moody got a search party. Snape didn't deserve that. Although I do feel rather smug that he was working on Dumbledore's orders the whole time and he was a good guy. But I thought that he would have made an Unbreakable Vow and that was why D. trusted him...not the fact that he carried a torch for Lily for a gajillion years.
  4. to me the book felt a bit rushed. like jkr just didnt want to write anymore. My question is if snape cared for harry how come he never showed it?
  5. I think it was because Snape hated James so much, and Harry looked almost just like him. It must have been a thorn in Snape's side to look at Harry for all of those years and think that Harry could have been his son if Lily had loved him back.
  6. See i found the book to be a piece of crap, you could tell that the author had far more ideas for it then she could fit into a 7 piece series, but said there would only be 7 books and book 7 wouldn't be as long as book 6, it ment it was very rushed, you could easily make two good books out of it instead of one piece of shit.

    For example they skip three months or weeks(i forget) in one sentence... So much could of happened in that time, also ron leaveing was kind of pointless, and the whole thing about wands was simply poorly thought out, i have never been a great fan of harry potter, allthough i found book 6 quite good, the deathly hallows was trying to do too many things at once, horcrux's, hallows, character revelations.... It was just badly done
  7. The book was good, the ending could have been written by an autistic 3 year old.

    The epilogue was the cheesiest shit I have ever read.
    How the fuck did Neville get the sword?
    and harry should have died, Rowling wimped out.
  8. I was a little disappointed in Harry learning he has to die, facing it, being cursed...and still coming back...kind of a weak part IMO.

    Hempress makes a good point, what happened to everyone's bodies?

    There were a few loose ends that didn't get closed...but I enjoyed the series very much.

  9. It seemed like the whole plot device of the Hallows could have been thrown out altogether.

    And who knew that Grindelwald was still alive? :confused_2:

    I lurk on a couple of HP Yahoo groups, and someone said that if this had been a fan fiction, she would have stopped reading after the first three chapters. As bad as it sounds, I have to agree. Honestly, I have read HP fan fiction that blew this book out of the water.
  10. HP Fan Fiction?

    Are those stories written by fans of Harry Potter?
  11. Grindenwald was still alive???
    I missed something.
  12. Yes, and some of them are quite good. I usually read the Hermione/Snape romances.

    He was in Nuremgard prison. Voldemort went there to try and get the Elder Wand. He didn't know that Dumbledore had it at the time. Voldemort killed him, but he was still alive at the beginning of the seventh book.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gellert Grindelwald
  13. I'm sad the series is over now. :(

    But I'm also glad she didn't cheesily leave it open for more books.

    Like Harry, Ron and Hermione walked away from Voldermort's body to live happily ever after......(Voldemort's eye opens)...book ends.

    That would have been weak...and was also something I was half-expecting.

    I'll have to look into these fan fiction stories.
  14. Thanks Hempress.
  15. i loved the ending to the actualy book but i do agree that the epilouge was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to predictable and very cheezy. i was thinking ever since i knew there was an epilouge, that ron and hermione would be together and harry and ginny would be together.and harrys kids names come on wouldnt ginny want to have any say in the names?!?!?!?

    it could though hopefully open up anew continuation of the series about the kids and shit kinda like star wars. wouldnt be half as good as the origonals but its something prolly worth looking at if by some strange reason it does happen.
  16. All I have to say is why the FUCK does this woman find the need to kill off my fav characters? Sirius.. and then Lupin, I was all gung-ho set for Harry to die, to me at least in the last few books, he was nothing but a pain.

    When I thought Harry had actually died, I thought the book was FINALLY going to go somewhere. I thought maybe that one of Harry's friends would emerge and ya know the kids of Hogwarts would defeat him.. evidently not.

    In a way I'm glad about Snape, I always had a feeling about him, I mean he acted like a jackass, but I guess I would too if the person I loved had a kid with someone that I loathed, and they looked just like them, and now it was my responsibility to look after them.

    What in the hell happened to Draco? I actually do like him as a character, and I felt that more should have been done with him, especially towards the end when Mrs. Malfoy pretty much in a way saved Harry's life for lying for him.

    I didn't like how she rushed to like 20 years later, I think she needs another book to explain everything.

    Like Hemp said, what happened to all the bodies? I want to know how everyone died, I think that if she is going to write another book, they should have one that would address the funerals especially that of Ron's brother, I mean C'MON!

    Also, who wasn't surprised that they all got married and had kids? I'm not, the only surprise was that Harry named his child both after Albus and Snape.

    I have to say, this book took me 4 days to read, on and off I actually fell asleep reading it. There were certain books that I sat and read in one sitting because I couldn't get enough of it, but I feel this book was rushed, and really quite vague. I know JKR was probably under a tight time line, but the first book came out in 1999 I believe? And that's when I started reading them, 8 years later, I must say I am terribly disappointed, I expected SO much more from this book.

    So there better be another one.

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