harold and kumar 2

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  1. there was a good quote that i liked in the movie,

    when they were smoking with Bush

    Bush: Hey, I'm in the government and I don't trust it. Listen, you don't have to
    trust the government to be a good American. You just have to believe in your country.

    i was just like wow he so right we do have a fucked up government and i hate it but at the same time i love this country and what we stand for.
  2. Personally, Im moving to British Columbia.

    P.s it was a fuckin great movie
  3. i liked the part when they were smoking with bush and it went like this

    Kumar: Hey wait, your the president and your smoking weed...you made it illegal, so that makes you a hypocrite
    Bush: Let me as you something. Do you like getting handjobs
    Kumar: Hell yea!
    Bush: Do you like giving handjobs?
    Kumar: uhh no...
    Bush: Well then there, you see that makes you a hypocticizer

  4. i liked the part when bush called his weed "Alabama kush"
  5. I liked the part when Bush told them he had "stanked it up" AKA putting coke in the blunt.
  6. this movie was SHIT. Was full of random stereotypes that i no longer find funny. OoOo grape pop. stupid stupid stupid movie. Annoying how sometimes they would try to have serious scenes when the scene that preceded that one was retarded. Blah

    the first one was much better.
  7. I need to see this!
  8. when Kumar fucked the bag of weed i couldn't control myself i was crying from laughing so hard.

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