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  1. I live in New England, so our weather gets pretty cold by October, and summers are very humid. I've narrowed down my choices to Kaya Gold, Purple Maroc, or Aurora Indica. Anyone have experience with guerilla growing these strains?
  2. Your growing season is not too far off from ours in the Midwest. I've grown Purple Maroc. The girls did well and I know it would thrive in your climate and locale.
  3. How strong was the order, what was the yield, and what was the high like? I've heard PM is one of the most hardy strains.
  4. PM is a good all-around average plant: not too odoriferous (pleasant smelling), my yields were around 8 oz per plant, and the high is decent (a good daytime smoke, more sativa-type buzz). And yes, the plant is extremely hardy. You could pull it out of the ground, beat a rug with it, and stuff back in the soil, and it would keep on growing.
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  5. Any other suggestions? I'd prefer something on the indica side of things, a lot of the hardy strains seem to be sativas.
  6. ,Vanilla Kush. It flowers quick..ive grown both PM and VK. Both are good, hardy, forgiving & quick . down by Oct 1st.

    VK does get dense( same with any Indica) so be prepared to keep an eye out for mold.

    PM can be unstable indoors. In case you want to find a cut to use year in year out, you'll be looking harder in the PM gene pool for a keeper. But that's dependant on whether you want a cut or not...most outdoor growers just use seeds.
  7. Well said, Wharf.
  8. Why don't try The Church it seems perfect for ur climt
  9. where are the purple maroc genetics from..? In ontario, need a strain that will finish by october!!
  10. How did you narrow it down to those 3 choices?
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    purple pineberry
    green poison
    sweet tooth #3
  12. Next Gen timewarp F5, good mold resistance, high yeild of frosty bugs, very Hardy finishes early October in the mid west.
  13. I have to give a big no go on the sweet tooth #3 unless you can keep her very dry...breeder steve made #4 because of the mold issues with those monster #3 buds!
  14. i should be growing outdoors this year too in the uk!
    purple maroc
    purple power
    amnesia lemon
    afghan haze

  15. word good to know ill look into that

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