Hard Times with Family

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by shaddytheman, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. I just like to pour out some details on what I've been going thru, from the past months my family has been giving me shit for smoking bud. I told them how it benefits (use it medically not just for recreational use), how it doesn't give me the doubt of stopping me from learning my education, how I'm not a low-life person stopping on what's going important just for bud.

    Fast forward to this weekend, somehow they checked on my email (don't know how) talking to a GC member but it wasn't nothing biggie just telling him where to find bud and that's it, my family was basically calling me a criminal for planning illegal attempts, etc (wtf it's not like I was planning shootings, terrorist attacks or anything sinister attacks)) yes I know the status it's illegal as for now and they did was going to investigate this to the cops, making this issue such an big deal when it's really not.

    Then we had another 1 hr talk, saying how "I'm depend on a chemical substance", how "your going to move on to harder drugs", pushing unnecessary judgments and critical remarks and they're also religious as well, so plenty of God talk. I live with my sister and her husband for community college for credits until I have a great base to transfer to an university, my plan is to get away and live in absolute freedom and no worries.
    Anybody going thru the same time I'm going I am or have been?
  2. My family knows I go my own way, as always. They are supportive of my MMJ use. You don't need all that negative bullshit comin' down on your head, man. Shame on them for tryin' to fuck up your personal shit.
  3. Your sister is giving you shit about bud? Dude, my sis asks me what I want from Wendy's while mid sesh. Just say you quit and be sneaky with it. Play it as a game.
  4. hang in till you get outa there bro
  5. Thanks for the replies guys, I can't do anything about it because I live them but as soon as I have enough credits or decent G.P.A. I'm transferring to a university far away from them. I can say I quit but then they will ask me questions and try to put in some form of guilt.

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