Hard time

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by rytis, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. I found this zone of threads so i remebered one story.
    And this was mistake which i will never repeat.
    I came to my friend party...
    After 5 mins i sit at sofa. i drinked 0,5 l. wodka and 0,5 l. beer in same time..and then 1 g. joint
    ...........and i run to toilet what hapened next all should know :D:D.
    that faze which i was not good but i was feeling like some ghost when i'm thinking about that now it looks cool :).
    so once more time . ...i came in put shoes away. 2 mins talk with friend 8 mins...drinked beer,vodka and smoked joint 3 mins....and i'm in comma faze!
    none do that! actuallly feeling awefall :(:( ...when you want to go to bad room you traveling throw some tunnel! :smoking:
    and sorry for bad eng.
  2. Ouch doesnt sound like fun.

    Taking by your spelling of 'Wodka' your polish or russian?
  3. It's ok, I think it's cool that you post here. Anyways, I think you had the spins, where the entire world flips upside down. Sometimes it's called crossfading. It is fun for a bit, but then insane.
  4. Are you an english major? Your grammar is FLAWLESS.
  5. i cant even make sense of anything you just said

    i think you got drunk threw up then passed out??

  6. No need to be a dick man, he apologized for his english at the end. It's obviously not his first language so cut him some slack.

    To the Op, you get sick when you drink a lot quickly and smoke. Next time try spacing it out a little more.

  7. sry man i didnt read that properly, i thought it said sorry for bad end
  8. ^^ o'm not from russia or poland...but near ^^

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