Harbor Frieght Tools Drive Way Alert. (Backyard Grower Must Have)

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    Every back yard grower should have one of these. They all called driveway wireless alert ststem. They are sold at HF for $18. They are small and simple to use. even if you have dogs you can tweek with them. I have 6 of these in my back yard. If anyone is in my back yard I will know. I can carry the reciever in my back pocket. Or put it next to your bed.


    Not everyone will like to confront a ripper. Some people can fight. Some people can. If this is the case you can put one outside to scare the ripper off fast. And have one at your bed side. After the alarms go off you can go see what happend and see how he got in. If you would like to catch them. Then keep the recievers in your back pocket or next to your bed. You will know the ripper is there. But the ripper will not know you know it yet. This giving the ripper time to do damage. Ripping plants by the roots does not take long. So make good decisions.


    I take no chances for I grow with naighbors knowing. You never know who they tell. So I sleep with my plants in a camper van parked right in my back yard feet from my plants. So I keep the alarms on low and under my pillow. I sleep with my shoes on until first day light.


    This driveway alert system uses a wireless receiver in your home will chime when the infrared driveway alert sensor outside detects motion, so you’ll be prepared for that unexpected knock at the door or beep in your driveway. This driveway alert's wireless motion sensor mounts outside on a post or wall, and you can set the receiver anywhere in your house (within 200 ft. of the sensor).
    • Completely wireless installation
    • Weather-resistant plastic housings
    • Mounting hardware included

    This system will let you sleep at night. Please everyone get one.
  2. great stuff my firend.


  3. +Rep!!!!!!!!!

    I had NO idea how I was going to secure my backyard grow as a first timer this year, but now I will visit my local Harbor Tools and buy up some of these! Thanks!

  4. Yep, Peace of mind is worth the little money these cost.

    Also make sure you buy the draveway alerts. They sale other just alarm type that are really loud alarms. But they are to loud and you have no control over them when not home. So say you get a false alarm from a bush blowing in the wind. If your not home a ear pearcing alarm goes off that does not shut off. Also they have a 30 secound delay. Which gives the ripper time to do damage. The driveway alerts cover both but just do not have the on going alarm. There made to warn you not the ripper. But it is still loud enough to make any ripper take off fast.

    If you work and night and are legal the loud alarms can be an option though. Just think it out good.
  5. Gotta love Harbor freight. That is a good idea.
  6. Awesome I have been stressing about what I am going to do in the next few months even been debating spending my nights in a tent. I am now going to go pick up a bunch of these bad boys so I can sleep in the warm house!
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    I need some of these. How far do the sensors work away? I don't want to have too buy to many but want to keep my plants safe. Thanks for leaving a useful post like this for us medical growers.

    Edit: Will the sensor be going off all the time from trees, sun, and rain? Those were complaints I read. Want to know more about it before purchasing a few.

  8. I'm in the same boat. Interested in knowing the range of the receiver, and also interested in how sensitive the motion sensor is. I live on a property that is consistently windy and have dozens of trees around the yard. There is a lot of "nature movement" going on around here. Also have a few Coons that dick around out here every night as well.

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