Happy Valentine's Day

Discussion in 'General' started by vatoloco, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. Happy Valentine's Day to all the female blades on the 'city. I hope you ladies get some good loving tonight and can't walk in the morning! Escpecially RMJL, highawatha, gangaphish, 420girle, ZIA and sensimil! Sorry if I forgot to mention you.[​IMG]
  2. To all the sweethearts out there....

    HAPPY VALETINES DAY we love you!
  3. To all the GUYS out there: GOOD LUCK TODAY! :D

    no but seriously: Happy Valentine's to everyone, guys and gals alike. I hope you all feel truly loved today, and if not by anyone else by your fellow blades at the 'City.

  4. Happy Valentine's Day to all the Ladies! :D
  5. yes! lots of love to you all!!:) I totally forgot that today was valentines day..I came to the city to post an I love you thread for the hell of it, and came across this love thread already! :) hehe...
  6. Happy Valentine's Day!

    You Blades really mean a lot to me and I love you guys. I really do! I hope that you get tons of love today but what I really hope is that you get that love every day instead of just for Valentine's because you guys ROCK and completely deserve it.

    Ok, I'm getting sappy...everyone smoke a big fat bowl for each other and then smoke another on my behalf since I'm still on a break!

  7. To all of you!

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  8. In the words of the great Brak...
    "Haaaaappy valentines day everybody!"

    Oh that was great...
    see ya later space cowboys.
  9. Yei! *emits magical looove waves* They're magical! ;) Happy V-day, everone, I love you all! Da whole mess of you!

  10. RMJL has love to spread.^^^kisses for everyone! I love you girl. You are the daylight that gets us through the day!
  11. Yea happy valentines day! Mary Jane, yea shes my girl.
  12. No lovin' for me tonight...I'll just save it for later...

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  13. Brownie Points for me, muahahaha!

    ...and it seems my bad luck streak has ended since I won $45 at the casino last night! Smoke big this weekend.
  14. Oh yeah, baby...you scored major POT Brownie points with me!!! Of course, you didn't need them and you know that! ;)

    Congrats on the good luck and the cash rolling in!!!!!! :)
  15. Have I ever told you how much I'm into older women? They are always more experienced.
  16. No, you've never shared that with me! I will agree with you, though...we are WAY more experienced!!! ;) ;)
  17. 25+

    *doh* I mean 26...gangaphish is gonna be so mad at me.

  18. vatoloco, i'm gonna KICK YOUR ASS! ;)

    26 in march so i lose either way :D

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