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Happy Thanksgiving! ;)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shigekix1990, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Happy Thanksgiving GrassCity!
    So where I'm at it's a little bit past 4:20 and my family is coming over in a few for a Thanksgiving dinner of course. While I was planning on attending sober but then I thought getting high and having the munchies then eat at a Thanksgiving dinner would be awesome. :smoke: Any thoughts?
  2. Sober. Once you start getting high for all big social gatherings, you get high for smaller ones and smaller ones, until you feel like you can't socialize without it.

    Also, I give thanks to the Native Americans for letting us slaughter most of them.
  3. Im on the toilet droppin a hot one and eating marijuana infused gold fishes. In about an hour or two ima go grub on some thanksgiving food to satisfy my munchies. :bongin:

  4. This is true......if you's a b*tch. By that I mean no will power.
  5. Not true. It's not so much that you lose willpower as that you just think "so what, it'll be nicer while high, nothing wrong with it" and you just won't think about what it'll lead to.
  6. I just got to say I fucking love Thanksgiving. My personal favorite holiday. Munchies for days, good food good friends good times! Fuckin a
  7. Best fuckin meal of the year....u better believe I'm blasted!! :whoa:


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