happy PADDYS day

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  1. Cathair na féar, a chairde,
    (Grasscity, my friends)
    it is that day where the irish all take the day off school/work and get drunk on the streets.. tuesday.
    lol jk..
    it's fuckin paddy's day bitchz and I'm only a lil drunk ri now so I says it would a good time to wish good blessings on all of you here.. we all have a bit of shamrock in us ;D
    BUT if I hear ANY of you saying feckin 'PATTY'S DAY'.. there will be murder. Stop messing like
    anyway, back to drinking
    Is mise le meas, 
    (It is me, with respect

  2. its actually my favorite holiday, i love it ._.
    good man goldmine
    are you drinking too lol?
  4. i wasnt planning on it...  but im your puppet.   Say the word and i'll get totally shitfaced later.
  5. Half price shakes at Sonic all day.
    not getting absolutely sloshed this year, takin it easy on the aul liver
  7. that sounds good.  whatever you can do to preserve that beautiful gorgeous perfect body.   but also enjoy yourself :hippie:
    *relieved you didnt make me drink*
  8. Frickin paddy's day I always forget to buy beer for it will get some on way home
  9. Celebrating it here in Scotland. Us scots will jump on any holiday that involves drinking.
  10. Happy paddys day!
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    I get high and listen to all my Loreena McKennitt stuff. God I lover her!
  12. No wonder everybody called in sick today .sonofa vitches!!
  13. I hope you had a blast!!
  14. I always saw it as an excuse for white people to be publicly intoxicated and the cops don't care, not my kinda thang, I may be incorrect but that's how I see it but at the same time we have 420 and its the same exact premise where legal (I imagine 420 in Denver doesn't give a hoot about public smoking on that day)
    but hey, don't let me rain on your parade, happy belated st. patricks day [​IMG]
  15. I was sick for a couple days, so we had our dinner tonight.  Corned beef, potatoes, onions and carrots slooooow roasted in the oven.  This year, I decided to do it a little differently, and instead of green cabbage cooked with everything else, I did a red cabbage, onion, and apple dish that was the perfect sweet complement to the savory saltiness of the rest of the meal.
    Usually I make two kinds of whole wheat Irish soda bread - sweet, with currants, and savory, with caraway.  But I didn't have the energy this year.
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    1. You may see it that way, but with all due respect.. you are not an Irish citizen so you have no right to belittle my national holiday.
    2. 'White people', see this term might be acceptable in the US but I am a proud celt. Celtic people have our own history and identity, we were enslaved for years, victims of persecution and had our culture taken away from us in many ways. 
    3. It always rains in Ireland. Rain away, we can take it lol
    Have you ever been to Ireland...?
    Traditionally, it is a religious holiday but in the wake of the 1916 rising it has become more than that.
    Many people, my ancestors included, fought and sacrificed themselves so I could call myself an Irish citizen and have a fair chance in life, free from persecution. 
    To many, Paddy's day has become a day where we can openly celebrate my history and culture. 
    And sorry to disappoint, but it's really not a day of sobriety either [​IMG] we work hard, we fought hard, we drink hard 
    SODA BREAD, I make lovely soda bread.. i'd share with you if I could 
  17. Love the green bear

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