Happy Mother's Day

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHempress, May 8, 2005.

  1. I know there are some other moms here, so happy mother's day to all of you. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Happy Mother's Day Hempress! (I am childless unless you count my dog. :) )
  3. happy mothers day everyone, especially mothers!!
  4. happy mothers day all, and wish all ur moms a happy one too, and all the mothers u know. tell them all chris say's HAPPY MOTHERS DAY..
  5. got my mom flowers and a card... hope she likes it...

  6. Happy Mother's Day!

    :hello: Hempress! Glad to see you here too. :)

    I know it's a day late. But.....oh, well. My son made me a beautiful canvas bag and a pressed flower card. I worked on reinforcing my pregnant belly casting so I can paint it in the future, and spent all day with the babes. It was raining, so we were inside all day.
  7. NorCal Mama! Good to see you, too! :)
  8. i got mad love for the madre dux.

    happy mothers day people :D
  9. 8.15 am

    I was thinking of getting her some flowers and a breakfast consisting of bagels, cereal, milk, eggs and bacon and juice.
  10. Happy Mothers Day to all.

    I'll be taking mom out for some dinner later today- should be a good time.
  11. I'm not a mommy, but I have one and I mowed the lawn for her and I'm gunna make her a card :D And then we go to dinner at 6 horraaay

    Happy Mother's day to all the chill mamas on grasscity :)
  12. Got her roses, sausage egg biscuit, hashbrowns, orange juice, bagels with herb cream cheese..

  13. all of you, hug your mothers.

    tell her it's from me.
  14. Happy Mothers Day Hempress.

    Did your son do something special for you?
  15. Happy Mother's Day, to the Hempress, to RMJL and to HippyCracker!

    Enjoy your day, and thank-you for being the wonderful rolemodels you are.
  16. Awww...sweet. Thanks! :)

    Happy Mother's Day to the rest of you Moms! I've had a cool day so far with some awesome presents from my little guy and Indy. Today is also Indy's birthday so needless to say, he scored some presents too! :D
  17. Nice bump on a 2 year old thread. :D

    Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's of the City!
  18. LOL! :p I didn't see that it was an old thread! HEH!:D Stoners!!!!!!!!!!
  19. I got my mommy some flowers and a couple of nugs in between the petals

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