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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by herbstheword, Apr 8, 2002.

  1. I have been trying not to smoke for the past week or so but every other day I have managed to smoke a bowl or two.

    Anyway, I was looking at all the pictures of marijuana on this site and all of a sudden I was just like "Man, I really wanna smoke some herb right now" cause last night I didn't fall asleep until 7:45 in the morning because I just wasn't tired.

    But even yesterday I looked all around my room and I was pretty convinced that I didn't have any herb anywhere. But this is the first time I have had a really bad craving for it.

    All of a sudden this picture pops into my head. I remember how about 3 weeks ago I put a little bit of bud into a tiny little black plastic container in my jacket pocket.

    I say to myself "no, no, you saw that little black plastic thing the other day and it was empty, that was 3 weeks ago since you put it in there, there is no way it is still there"

    "Don't play games with yourself, Don't lead yourself on..."

    I go into my closet and reach into the jacket pocket and find the black container. I ever so slightly shake it. There is noise! I open it up.... There is about a little more than a bowl of weed in there! It was so awesome. It is old bud, but it is still bud. I haven't even smoked it yet, I had to share it with yall because the pictures and the talk of herb is what inspired me to really search.

    Ha ha ha, I am such a dork....
  2. Yeah I hate that. Sometimes you're just looking at websites that talk about weed and show pictures and stuff, and it starts making you really crave it. I had that the other day. I was bored so I was looking through Yahooka at all these sites about weed, and I started to really want some, but I was totally dry! It was so bad because I really wanted a J but I had no gear at all and had to wait 2 more days before I could have a smoke!

    You're lucky you found some. Congrats on your ingenius stashing :)

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