Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by RMJL, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. I just wanted to say "Happy Father's Day" to all of you amazing men who kick ass taking care of your kids and grandkids!!!!

    I can tell you all love your children very much and I think that you all deserve to kick back and enjoy this day and everyday!

    I think that I will smoke many bowls for you guys today. I think you should smoke many bowls, too.

    ...I think Critter has already smoked many bowls today already...hehe...
  2. Thank you RMJL! Do you really think we care about our kids??

    I wish you a great day as well.

    Smoke as much as you can. I ;m sure there will be some that might not be able to. I have already had a few and intend on haveing many more!
  3. To all the fathers,,,,I'm smoking a pipefull for you all today,,,,we fathers deserve this day,,,so I intend to use carelessly...lol...after I take the family to lunch that is...lol
    ...how's that work ..fathers day,,and I'm taking them out to lunch....ha ha ...oh well...a fathers job is never done....peace dads

  4. My day's going great!! The youngest had a homemade card for me before I left the house. My oldest boy called (haven't been able to talk to him for awhile,he's on the go constantly). Then Pooh Gator came and told me my Babygirl (22yrs) called, and said she'd call me later, after she gets back from..........................................................

    SKYDIVING!!!! OMG!!! There should be a freakin' law against kids doing things that freak Dad out on Fathers Day!!!!!

    Hope every Father here has TheGREATEST day ever!!!

    Daddy, I Love and Miss you every day!!! I hope we meet again, In whatever may lie ahead.

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